Season 1
Golden Cuffs
Golden Cuffs
Season 1 | Episode 109 | Aired 08/18/2013

After the smoke clears, Cris, Kam and Lindsey are having trouble locating Melina.  The killer left a message for them in the living room and asks them to recall the three digit code that was given to them upon Sheri’s death.   The killer has left the code 6-1-3 spread throughout the parlor.


Kam enters the code to the hidden room in the house, where the killer has left an “orgy of evidence” from the past killings.  They find Melina’s corpse in the evidence room.  They search her body and find a puzzle a piece.  When they return to the living room, they are surprised to see three individual stations set up.


There is a station set up for each guest.  The station contains a game board with missing puzzle pieces.  Kam is the first to place a tile on his station under “memory.”  The killer has brought back each “killed off” guest and associated a task/riddle to them.  The final three must perform the task and solve the riddle to receive a game piece.  They will not know if they received the correct or incorrect piece until their enter board is completed.


The race has commenced.  Cris gets a good scare tracking down a snake from Ulysses’ death.  Lindsey is not sure if she grabbed the right bean from Ronnie’s hot tub.  Kam is blazing through the challenge until he’s left to find an item in complete darkness from Geno’s station.


Kam is on the final piece of the puzzle and must find Giles’ employment contract in the parlor to prove Giles’ innocence.  When Kam is able to finish the puzzle, he turns on the black light that reveals he has two of the puzzles wrong.  Cris is the next one to finish and finds herself with 2 incorrect puzzle pieces.


Kam is the first one to finish his puzzle with all of the correct game pieces.  He now has a head start on the final riddle.   Cris is the second to finish her board.  Lindsey is the last to finish and receives a different riddle than Kam.


Kam and Cris are at “the finish line” when they see Lindsey get killed off by an arrow.  Cris then admits to killing off 11 straight guests.  Kam is the winner of $250,000.  He’s shocked that he had worked with the killer the whole time.  Giles enters the room to give Kam his prize and the golden cuffs to arrest Cris.  Two officers escort Cris out of the manor immediately.


Giles and Kam are now free to leave the manor.  Kam gets a final farewell from the killed off guests and staff of the manor.  He asks Giles to take him home.

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