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Season 7

Wipeout episode guide

The seventh season of ABC’s hit game show, Wipeout, will feature the first ever “Tournament of Champions” with the winner from each episode returning to compete against one another in an epic battle for the title of Ultimate Wipeout Champion. Leading up to the tournament, each episode will showcase 24 adventurous players of all shapes and sizes as they compete in a brand new obstacle course designed to showcase the best body flips, biggest splashes and amazing wipeouts that you won’t want to miss.
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S7 Ep 13 My So-Bald Life

John Henson may have lost all of his hair, but twenty-four new contestants compete on hair-raising obstacles for the big money prize.

08/31/14 Season 7 TV-PG L

S7 Ep 10 Exes and OHH's!

Ex marks the splat, as 12 teams of exes, like “The Triplet and the Sister Kisser” and “Wicked Strong and Silent,” square off against the Wipeout course.

08/17/14 Season 7 TV-PG L

S7 Ep 8 Bachelors vs. Bachelorettes

This Wipeout features former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants vying for cash and glory as they compete against each other, the “World Famous Big Balls,” and the “Classic Sweeper.”

08/03/14 Season 7 TV-PG L

S7 Ep 5 Flush Hour

Twenty-four brand-new contestants, like “Keyed Up” and “The Alienator,” roll up their sleeves to tackle wild obstacles like “The Johns” and “The Ball-hemoth” as they compete for a massive cash prize.

07/20/14 Season 7 TV-PG

S7 Ep 4 Win a Date With Jill

In the first-ever “Win A Date With Jill” edition of Wipeout, twenty-four eligible bachelors will vie for a big cash prize and also a date with Jill Wagner.

07/13/14 Season 7 TV-PG

S7 Ep 3 All-American Wipeout

Wipeout celebrates America with its very own amber waves of pain, as 24 All-American contestants, including “The Mulleted Menace” and “Patriotic Pants,” confront the “Backyard BBQ” and “Baseball Bash,” hoping to earn a big stack of All-American cash.

07/06/14 Season 7 TV-PG