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  • Get ready to bounce, splash, and smash your way through summer! ABC's Wipeout is back SUNDAY, JUNE 22 7|6c. Read More »

  • Find out more about the new Wipeout Create & Crash game, available now! Read More »

  • Some of America's finest (and smelliest) employees who've made careers out of their own dirty jobs get messy in their off-time on the Wipeout course. Tune in THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 19 at 8|7c to see who will tackle the Wipeout Zone and compete for a clean $50,000 in the Season 6 finale of Wipeout! Read More »

  • Twenty-four former beauty pageant contestants take off their crowns to compete for the $50,000 grand prize and the coveted title of Miss Wipeout. Tune in THURSDAY, AUGUST 15 at 8|7c to see which beauty queen will walk away with the prize money, and the right to be known as "Miss Wipeout." Read More »

  • Big Balls of the Caribbean
    • By Micheline Goldstein
    Arrrgh you ready for the swashbuckling Wipeout adventures in the episode "Big Balls of the Caribbean?" Tune in THURSDAY, AUGUST 1 at 8|7c to see who will go home with the $50,000 booty! Read More »

  • On this cat-inspired episode, 24 contestants must scratch and claw their way through a series of obstacles. Tune in THURSDAY, JULY 25 at 8|7c to see who will go home with $50,000 -- or, you know, enough for a new Cat-illac. Read More »

  • Twelve couples will test the strength of their love on the first-ever "Newlyweds" edition of Wipeout! Are these marriages strong enough to survive Wipeout? Tune in THURSDAY, JULY 18 8|7c to find out! Read More »

  • Chris Harrison and The Ex Games!
    • By Micheline Goldstein
    The Bachelorette's Chris Harrison visits the Wipeout course this week in search of the next Bachelor or Bachelorette. Plus, can pairs of exes work together to get to the Wipeout Zone? Or will failed relationships spell failure for these teams? Tune in to Wipeout THURSDAY, JULY 11 8|7c to find out. Read More »

  • Can the bigger brains win out over the bigger bodies? In a true test of wits vs muscle, contestants with brainy jobs (doctors, scientists and researchers) will take on a group of beefed-up hard bodies who take their gym time very seriously! Tune in to Wipeout THURSDAY, JUNE 27 8|7c. Read More »

  • The Wipeout 3 Console Game is now available for purchase. Find out more about the game and where to get it. Read More »

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