Love is Tested on First-Ever Newlyweds Edition of Wipeout

By Micheline Goldstein Jul 11, 2013
A pair of newlyweds test their love on the Wipeout course!

In the first-ever "Newlyweds" edition of "Wipeout," 12 teams of just-married couples will rock our Cradle of Tough Love before everlasting memories are made during their time on the Honeymoon in Paree. Then things will heat up during Wipeout's Greatest Hits: Summer of Love

Our newlyweds include The Music Lovers, Dave's Roommates and a couple whose family doesn't even know they've tied the knot. In the end, only one newly minted matrimonial team will have $50,000 reasons to help live happily ever after. Check out more  photos from the Newlyweds edition of Wipeout!