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What is the ABC app?

The ABC app (formerly known as WATCH ABC) is your one-stop shop for all the ABC shows you know and love, fresh digital originals you're sure to like, and live TV.

What's in the app?

FULL EPISODES: Stream full episodes of ABC shows such as The Bachelor, Black-ish, Modern Family, How To Get Away With Murder, Scandal, General Hospital and more.* Or check out Throwback classic hits including My So-Called Life and Dinosaurs. 

ABCd ORIGINALS: From laughs to tears, binge-watch full seasons of our, hilarious and touching, ABCd Original series – only in the app! No sign-in required.

CLIPS: Short on time? Check out must-see moments, recipes, or sneak peeks.

WATCH LIVE: Enjoy your favorite ABC shows, local news or major events like the Oscars, LIVE!**

*The most recently aired full episodes require a participating TV provider account. Show and episode availability are subject to change.

**The ABC TV live stream is available with a participating TV provider in Chicago, Fresno, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Raleigh-Durham and San Francisco. Customers with a DirecTV subscription in the following markets will also be able to watch the ABC live stream: Albuquerque, Boston, Ft. Smith/Fayetteville, Jackson (Mississippi), Kansas City, Milwaukee, Monterey-Salinas, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Pittsburgh, Portland-Auburn (Maine), Savannah and West Palm Beach. If you don't see your area, don't worry! We are continuously working on adding more areas and cities.

What are ABCd Originals?

ABCd Originals is the name for our ABC digital original content that is available on-demand from the app. These series vary in length, some episodes are just a few minutes long!  Whether you're in the mood for laughs or tears or have a few minutes or an hour, this content is fresh, empowering, and modern.

No sign in required. Select ABCd Original content is for mature audiences only.

What does the 'MA' tag on an ABCd Original series indicate?

An ABCd Original series with an 'MA' tag indicates that the content is for mature audiences only. The program is specifically designed to be viewed by adults and therefore may be unsuitable for children under 17.  The program contains one or more of the following: adult content (AC), adult language (AL), graphic language (GL), and/or strong sexual content (SSC). 

Which devices are supported?

We support all versions of the Fire TV and Fire TV stick.

What is the lock symbol? And what does "Verify to Watch" mean?

The lock symbol and the text "Verify to Watch" identifies which content requires you to sign in with a participating TV provider. The locked episode for many shows will become available to watch without signing in with a participating TV provider 8 days after the episode first airs on TV.

Why am I asked to verify my TV provider?

You must sign in through a supported participating TV provider in order to view the most recently aired episodes and the ABC live stream in select markets . You can still watch full episodes 8 days after they premiere without signing in.

Is there an extra cost to access the ABC app?

The ABC app is brought to you by your local ABC station and participating TV providers at no additional cost.

Where is the live stream available?

The ABC live stream is currently available in the following markets: Chicago, Fresno, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Raleigh-Durham and San Francisco with a participating TV provider. Customers with a DirecTV subscription in the following markets will also be able to watch the ABC live stream: Albuquerque, Boston, Ft. Smith/Fayetteville, Jackson (Mississippi), Kansas City, Milwaukee, Monterey-Salinas, Oklahoma City,  Omaha, Pittsburgh, Portland-Auburn (Maine),  Savannah and West Palm Beach. You must be located within each available station's local viewing area and must verify your participating TV provider account for access to the ABC live stream in your area. It's included with your TV subscription services. Program substitutions may apply

The ABC live stream for your local station is determined by your physical location. You must access the ABC live stream within each available station's local viewing area. Although it's currently available in select U.S. cities, we are working to make it available to all of our viewers.  
Why doesn't the live stream match what's on my live TV broadcast?

The content programming in the ABC live stream may differ from what's on your TV screen. Program substitutions may apply.

How do I access full episodes on-demand?

If you have not yet verified your TV provider, full episodes that are available without a TV provider are listed on the featured screen. You can also see more content organized by show, by visiting the "shows" screen.

If you have already verified your TV provider, live streaming will begin playing back at fullscreen on your TV. To access full episodes on demand, please follow the steps below.

If you are using your remote:
1. Hit the Left arrow button on your remote to navigate into menu options
2. Hit Up or Down to browse categories. 

If you are using your game controller:
1. Press Left on the left stick of your game controller
2. Press Up or Down to browse categories. 

What if my TV provider is not listed?

We are continually adding new cable, satellite, and other TV providers. Go to and enter the activation code from your device to view if your TV provider is participating in our service.

What if I forgot my TV provider's username and/or password?

Please visit your participating TV provider's website to register for a username and password. Or give your participating TV provider a call for more information.

What if my TV provider and internet provider aren't the same? Which one do I use?

You should use the username and password for your participating TV provider.

How do I activate my device and verify my TV provider?

To sign in with your TV provider, navigate to "Settings" in the menu within the ABC app, select "Verify Your TV Provider" and follow the on-screen instructions.

You will receive step by step instructions to verify your account by using any computer or mobile device. Fire TV will provide you with a unique 7-digit activation code that you will need in the verification process.

Follow the steps below to verify your account:

1. Visit the link provided in the activation instructions.

2. Enter the code from your Fire TV screen into your computer or mobile device.

3. Select your TV provider.

4. Sign in with your TV provider.

5. If your sign in is successful, your full episode playback or live stream will play automatically.

If the activation code doesn't work, the code has expired. To receive a new code, select the "refresh code" button from the "ACTIVATE" screen on the Fire TV.

If the code does not refresh, exit the "ACTIVATE" screen by pressing "back" on your remote, and select "Verify Your TV Provider" under the "Settings" menu.

Once you have the new code, follow the steps above to activate. 

Will I be required to sign in each time?

In most cases, there is no need to re-enter your verification credentials. Some TV providers may require you to re-verify your account after a pre-determined time period.

How do I sign out?

To sign out, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to "Settings" in the ABC app.
  2. Select option for "Sign Out [TV provider]".
  3. Confirm that you want to sign out by selecting "Sign Out".

Please note that if you sign out, you will have to repeat the activation process the next time you access the live stream and some on-demand content.

Video playback stalls or is choppy.

Playback should not stop or stall under normal circumstances; however, video delivery may be disrupted during periods of network congestion, poor Internet connections, or when too many Internet connected devices are connected at the same time.

Please try one or all of the following:

  1. Press the back button on the remote to activate the rewind scrubber back in time several minutes in the on demand program timeline
  2. Close the selected app and open it again
  3. Disconnect other Internet (e.g. Wi-Fi) connected devices that may be connected at the same time
  4. Plug your Amazon Fire TV into a wire connection instead of using Wi-Fi
  5. Restart your Amazon Fire TV device as a last resort

If the problem persists, please contact us via our feedback section.

Is there a Customer Service number I can call?

Yes, for video playback and other technical issues: 1-800-230-0229.

For questions and feedback related to ABC shows: 1-818-460-7477.

Is the ABC app available outside the U.S.?

The ABC app is only available if you're physically located within the U.S. or its territories (including Puerto Rico, Guam, Saipan, American Samoa and U.S. Virgin Islands).

Why am I getting an "Out of the country" error message?

The ABC app is only available if you're physically located within the U.S. or its territories (including Puerto Rico, Guam, Saipan, American Samoa and U.S. Virgin Islands).

Also, you may not to access the ABC app via an anonymous proxy IP address. Please use our online feedback form to submit a ticket if you're incorrectly getting an "Out of the country" message.

I can't find the episode that I was watching anymore.

The episode or program may have expired and is no longer available on our app. If it has expired, we unfortunately no longer have the rights to distribute it.

Is there a schedule feature?

If you have verified with your TV provider and have access to the live stream of your local ABC station, you can view the schedule of your local ABC station by following these steps:

  1. Watch live stream in full screen mode (if you are not already watching in full screen select the live stream thumbnail in the top right of the screen to enter full screen mode)
  2. Press up on your remote or your game controller
  3. Select "View Schedule"
  4. By pressing right on your remote or game controller you can scroll through the schedule of the next 24 hours of live programming on your local ABC station
Can I resume playing a full-episode video from where I left off?

Yes, if you're on the same device the player will automatically remember where you left off and allow you to resume the video you were watching.

Is closed captioning available?

Closed captioning is available for all video-on-demand (VOD) full episodes. For "Live" programming, most shows have closed captioning available.

Follow the steps below to turn CC on/off:

1. During playback of VOD or live stream, select menu button on your remote or game controller
2. Select "On" to display captions, select "Off" to remove captions
3. Select "Settings" to make visual modifications to how your closed captions will appear

For any issues regarding closed captioning, the best way to contact us is to use our online form to submit a ticket. Alternatively, you can contact Han Kim, Disney ABC Digital Media, at Please include "Closed Captioning" in the subject of your email.

You may also contact us by phone at 818-483-6537 or by mail at 2300 West Riverside Drive., Burbank, CA 91506. Please note that this is for closed captioning inquiries only.