E52 Ex-Rutgers Coach Mike Rice Speaks Out

40:22 | 11/08/13 | NR | CC

It was one of the biggest sports scandals of the year – Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice being fired for physically and verbally abusing his college players in practice, all caught on videotape. Now, for the first time since the firestorm erupted six months ago, the coach himself sits down with Robin Roberts in his first broadcast interview about his anger and its costs, his regrets, and his hopes for redemption. "I won't be perfect moving forward, but I've changed," Rice told Roberts. "Having that taken away, your dream job...and having it done in such a visible way...and hurting the people closest to changes a person." The interview airs on 20/20 on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 8 (10:00 – 11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

Also: It's a brazen example of a doctor behaving badly that came to a head recently, and it was all caught on camera at Starbucks. Dr. Alvin Yee, a local Southern California physician who started to supplement his income by writing prescriptions for powerful painkillers out of a California Starbucks.  Yee would meet patients at the popular coffeehouse at night for a fee as high as $600 cash and would write prescriptions for everything from Oxycontin to Adderall. It wasn't long before the Feds were tipped off to his questionable practice and began an eight-month sting investigation. In his first network interview since being caught, Yee defends his actions. Deborah Roberts' report also includes the unbelievable surveillance video.

And: This past Labor Day weekend, 22-year-old Samantha Goudie gained notoriety – and lot of Twitter followers - after being arrested for public intoxication at a University of Iowa football game and then drunk tweeting about her exploits and frighteningly high blood alcohol content from jail using her Twitter handle, Vodka Sam. Juju Chang with a cautionary tale of what can happen when you cross the line with embarrassing video and photo posts on social media.

Plus: When does a police pat down cross the line? Dana Holmes, who says she was manhandled and strip searched by three cops in Illinois, is suing over her mistreatment, as are a group of women in Washington State who were videotaped after being asked to change into jail clothes.  Deborah Roberts reports.

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