E58 Shopping Confidential

39:46 | 12/20/13 | NR | CC

As the final countdown to Christmas is on, “20/20″ offers viewers the ultimate shopper’s guide. Reports include:

Super Fakes:  Most people have heard of fake purses, fakes watches, knock off shoes… but how about a super fake? They are super costly and super close to the real thing. Bianna Golodryga’s hidden camera shopping trip reveals the next generation of counterfeit products.

Checkout Secrets:   Every shopper is looking for the best buy.  But who knew that many sale prices are hardly etched in stone?  “20/20″ put JuJu Chang up against one of the best hagglers to find out: how low can you go when it comes to getting the best deal?

Shark Tank:  Ever wonder what happens after Mark Cuban buys into an idea on “Shark Tank?”  Cuban gives “20/20″ viewers an inside glimpse of what the Sharks are really thinking and how those small ideas can blow up big with just a little help from the entrepreneurial giants.

Mall Cop:  Matt Gutman with a view of the mall you haven’t seen before — from a one-time mall cop armed with tiny cameras.

Home Delivery:  We’re in the final stretch of present buying season. If you’re like millions of people you’ve got a lot of work to do and a lot of gifts to send out for delivery.  What steps can you take to make sure presents arrive in one piece, and what exactly happens to your package once it leaves your sight?   Nick Watt takes viewers behind the scenes to see how much work really goes into making sure things arrive on time for Christmas.

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