S1 E18 Pickling for a Cause: Neighbor Raises Money for 16-month-old

02:56 | 09/26/19 | NR | CC

Justin Dolan has been gardening for four years. It started as a competition with his 85-year-old dad. His 6x10-foot garden is in the rear of his Belleville, New Jersey home. "We get into it. I grow tomatoes and cucumbers," he said. He decided to pickle the cucumbers and sell them, calling his business Dolan Dills. This season, his hobby turned into a mission to help his friends who had a daughter that was born with a rare condition. "We wanted to help. They're great friends and we wanted to do something." 16-month-old Sawyer Barrow was born with Vein of Galen aneurysmal malformation. The condition affects one in three million children her mom said. It produces an aneurysm in the brain that disrupts development.

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