Evy Dominguez

played by Angelique Rivera
Character Biography

Evy Dominguez is weighted with more responsibility than most high school students. With both of her parents suffering from health problems, she was forced from a young age to fend for herself and her family. As accusations begin to fly against her boyfriend, Taylor, Evy chooses to stand by him rather than abandon him. When Evy is then dragged into an incident of her own, she finds herself alone in defending herself. 

Characters: Leslie Graham | Dan SullivanTerri LaCroixAnne Blaine | Kevin LaCroix | Taylor Blaine | Eric Tanner | Evy Dominguez 


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Actor Biography

Angelique Rivera is a talented young actress who arrived in Hollywood and shortly thereafter landed her first major role starring in the second season of the critically acclaimed, ABC Emmy nominated drama, American Crime, created by Oscar winner John Ridley.

Rivera may be new to Hollywood, but she is no stranger to acting. She began performing at an early age and knew she had found her calling. Growing up in Kissimmee, Florida, she starred in her high school’s musicals as well as in local community theatre.

In December 2014, Rivera graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Performance, and then moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career.

Rivera enjoys an active lifestyle, ranging from swimming and paddle boarding to yoga. She is also a self-proclaimed foodie, who enjoys cooking and exploring new cuisines. Rivera divides her time between Los Angeles and Austin, Texas, where she is currently shooting American Crime.

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