S1 E05 Episode Five

04/02/15 | TV-14 | CC

Allowed to enter Matt and Gwen’s house, Russ and Mark go into the home for the first time since the murder. The house is a mess and there is blood everywhere. Russ retrieves a suit for Matt to be buried in for his funeral. Carter is being released by the judge but is bound by conditions, including wearing an ankle monitor at all times. Aliyah greets him upon his release from prison, offering to take him to get food – provided that it’s not pork. Tony, Alonzo and Jenny go to church and are met with glares from fellow churchgoers. Afterward, Tony blows up at Alonzo for suggesting they work on the car together.

Carter and Aliyah arrive at his new apartment. When he inquires about who is paying for the place, she informs him that he is, as he will be starting his new job for the Masjid. Aubry continues pretending that she is sober and convinces her father to rent her a car. Hector gets his bandage removed and meets with Soderbergh, who tries to bargain with him. Hector goes off on Soderbergh, realizing he has nothing on Carter except for what Hector can provide. Aubry and Carter reunite when she visits him at his new place. The two reminisce about the first time they met. Later, they discuss his situation.

The family buries Matt, with Mark shooting video of Russ planting flowers at Matt’s grave. In the car on the way back, Barb and Mark talk about their family. Barb vents to him about Tom and Eve not attending Matt’s funeral. Tony calls Edgar’s cousin Luis and meets up with him; the two become fast friends. Carter wakes up to discover Aubry cut off his ankle monitor and panics. Aubry explains her plan, which involves using her rental car to go to the Canadian border and getting smuggled into Vietnam, where Carter will be safe.

At his new job at the nursery, Russ chats with fellow coworker Lisa about drama. Meanwhile, Mark shows Gwen video footage from the funeral. Tony hangs out with Luis, who gives him advice on how to be smart. With Aubry driving, Carter questions her plan, but she is more concerned with getting another beer. While saying they are always welcome in church, Father Peña discourages Alonzo and the family from attending Sunday mass. Mark pays a visit to Barb and tells her he is getting married. While she is initially thrilled, he hesitates to tell her his fiancé Richelle is a woman of color.

Jenny is walking home from school when Joaquin and his friends follow her. When Joaquin starts talking trash about Tony, she turns around and hits him. He retaliates, throwing her to the ground and punching her repeatedly until his friends intervene. Aubry and Carter are on the road; she is getting anxious for a hit. Changing her mind about the plan, she wants to turn back and get drugs. She freaks out and gets into a shouting match with Carter. He puts her in the backseat and drives them back to Modesto. At the hotel, Aubry discovers her father isn’t there, but her brother Brian is. He gives her money.

Aubry and Carter go to a drug house, looking to score. She does drugs, while Carter watches from a distance. When a fellow junkie recognizes Carter as the one who attacked him and ripped him off, a fight ensues. Aubry comes to Carter’s defense and slices a guy’s throat in the process. They run off to a cheap motel where Carter washes up. Aubry does more drugs and ends up overdosing. Carter calls 911 in tears, pleading for Aubry to get up. EMTs arrive and Carter is arrested again, taken away in a squad car.

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