S1 E10 Episode Ten

05/07/15 | TV-14 | CC

In the middle of the night, Hector is woken up and questioned about the gun and Carter once again. Detective Palmer accuses him of lying and deports him back to Mexico to face serious charges. Aubry’s parents decide to hire a new lawyer. Her father begs her to recant her confession, but she refuses. Barb and Russ meet with Soderbergh, who informs them about new allegations against Matt. Barb walks out after hearing the claim that Aubry shot Matt in self-defense, while Russ is furious.

Alonzo and Tony meet with their new lawyer. She tells them Tony needs to show remorse and they need to get character witnesses to speak on Tony’s behalf. Hector speaks with his lawyer, Jackson, and pleads with him for help. When Jackson tells him he shouldn’t have lied, Hector insists he didn’t lie. Aliyah and Timothy meet with District Attorney Sanchez and she demands that Carter be released from prison. She points out they have a confession, so Carter is being falsely imprisoned. At the hospital, Aubry is arrested. Hector attempts to explain the situation to Sibila; she is angry and disappointed. He is deported and sent back to Mexico.

Barb attempts to talk to Mark, who is clearly ignoring her. She leaves him a message to inform him about the new charges against Matt. Meanwhile, Mark and Richelle visit with Gwen, who has mostly recovered except for her memories. Alonzo approaches Mr. Hall, one of Tony’s teachers, to be a character witness for his son. Mr. Hall expresses his sympathy for Alonzo, but explains that his class is holding a fundraiser for the medical expenses of the boy Tony assaulted. Aubry meets with her lawyer and tells him she’s going to say what she’s going to say. Aliyah visits Carter and tells him it’s been proven that he’s innocent.

In Mexico, Hector meets with a lawyer, who questions him about a previous case in which he killed a man. When his lawyer tells him the judge will hear his case in two days, Hector is shocked. The lawyer informs him that it is different in Mexico than in America: you go to court, there is no jury. Alonzo visits with Jenny at Oscar’s and she is surprised when he tells her that he sold the garage. The two catch up briefly before he speaks with Oscar. Alonzo confides in him about the case and Oscar assures him that he will support and speak on Tony’s behalf.

At Gwen and Matt’s home, Barb tells Russ that she’s withdrawing from the whole ordeal and gives her gun to him. Meanwhile, Aubry gets evaluated by a psychiatrist. At Tony’s trial, Alonzo and Oscar peg Tony as a good kid from a good family. Jenny testifies and takes some of the blame and responsibility for Tony’s actions, coming clean and admitting Tony was only protecting her. Her compelling testimony brings everyone to tears. After the trial, Tony is released into Alonzo’s custody. Russ confronts Mark about the damage he’s doing. When Mark gets defensive, Russ informs him that Barb bought a gun and Mark is concerned. Russ urges him to cut Barb a break.

Aubry’s lawyer informs her and her family that the psychiatrist’s evaluation was not favorable. When it is announced she will have to face trial, her father questions what she told the psychiatrist.  At a car shop, Alonzo interviews for a new job. Mark meets with Barb and severs his ties with his mother. He tells her he will always respect and appreciate what she did. She is crushed when she doesn’t hear the word “love” from him. A newly freed Carter reunites with Aliyah, who drives them away. He is confused as to why he is being let go so easily, but Aliyah just tells him to give praise. At Aubry’s trial, Russ and Michael sit on opposite sides as Aubry pleads guilty.

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