S1 E11 Season Finale: Episode Eleven

05/14/15 | TV-14 | CC

At a Mexican prison, Hector and his lawyer talk about their defense strategy. His lawyer explains Hector needs character witnesses who can speak on his good nature. A defeated Hector questions the reason why they’re fighting and walks out on his lawyer during their conversation. At Matt and Gwen’s house, Russ finishes up tidying the place – it’s as if nothing happened there. He calls Mark, leaving him a pleading voicemail and proceeds to reach out to Barb, who is avoiding his call. He informs her that Carter is being let off without any explanation and begs her to not to give up.

Aliyah speaks in front of her community and discusses her experience with the public. She also talks about Carter’s freedom and calls him to the podium. He speaks about going from being incarcerated to finding himself standing before them as a free man. The community embraces him. Sitting alone with Timothy, Carter presses him about what happened; he knows he wasn’t let out for nothing. Timothy reveals Aubry confessed to the crime and Carter is shocked. He approaches Aliyah and whispers inaudibly into her ear. While he talks, her face falls and it appears as if she might keel over.

Back at school, Tony is approached by a trash-talking schoolmate who starts trouble with him. Called to the school, Alonzo is infuriated to find out that Tony did nothing wrong and the school only called him because of Tony’s past. Carter visits Aubry and questions why she confessed. She reasons even if she gets 15 years, she wouldn’t be that old, and they could be together. When she tells him he’s allowed to call her at the facility, he says he’s not going to call. To convince him to go back to her, she gets on the table separating them and kisses him.

At the Gutierrez house, Alonzo informs Tony and Jenny of his plans to move and get them a fresh start. Tony is excited, while Jenny is resistant to moving. Russ visits Barb and tells her about his interactions with the prosecutors, but she doesn’t care. She has given up on the case, while Russ is hell-bent on putting the family back together. She tells him the reality of it all: she’s going back to Simi Valley, Mark and Richelle are going back to Germany while Tom, Eve and Gwen are going back to Oakland. Russ urges her not to give up while she tells him to let go.

It’s court day for Hector and Sibila is present to support him. When it seems like he is about to lose, the prosecution’s eyewitness – the man Hector was defending – is not present and the judge dismisses all charges against Hector. Sibila comes to a shocked Hector’s side and offers him words of comfort. As Tom, Eve and Gwen head to Oakland, Russ calls Tom to tell him the house looks as good as new. Alone in Matt and Gwen’s house, Russ looks at old family photos.

Going to the bar where he first met Aubry, Carter finds himself missing her. Outside, he makes a phone call to Aubry. Before he is patched through, a figure approaches him and shoots him the head; it’s Russ. Carter is rushed to the hospital and operated on, but it’s too late.  Aubry is informed about Carter’s death, taking the news hard. Later, she escapes from her room and makes her way to the operating room where Carter’s body is. He begins to breathe. A nurse comes in and witnesses what Aubry is seeing. With Carter’s eyes open, Aubry takes his hand as the nurse screams frantically for help. It’s a fantasy; in reality, the nurse is screaming because Aubry is now dead in her room.

Aliyah and Timothy sit in shock in the hospital waiting room as Aubry’s parents walk by. Seeing Aliyah, Ruth stops and they look at each other. Once on opposing sides, Aliyah embraces Ruth, speaking in Arabic as the two women cry on the other’s shoulder. Meanwhile, Barb is asked to identify Russ’ dead body and is informed that his death was self-inflicted. Mark and Richelle join Barb and discuss the remains of Russ’ body. When Mark begins to plan the next steps, Barb points out his desire to cut ties with them. As they go their separate ways, a distraught Barb spills the contents of her purse. Mark and Richelle come to her aid and Richelle reaches out for them to become a family again.

Hector interviews for a call center position at a growing company in Mexico. It helps that he can speak English and is bilingual. When the interviewer questions his criminal history, he speaks truthfully about his motives and reason for turning his life around. Sibila is waiting in the car as he finishes. Speaking in Spanish, she asks him how it went and he tells her they have to speak English to practice: he got the job. Excited, he tells her every eight months there’s a review with a potential promotion. Things are finally looking up for him. When Sibila asks how he feels, he responds: “I feel…”

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