S1 E02 Episode Two

03/12/15 | TV-14 | CC

At the courthouse, Carter is being arraigned of multiple charges. Meanwhile, Tom and Eve are at church. A lawyer informs Alonzo and Jenny of Tony’s offenses. Meanwhile, Tony is struggling in juvie with the other delinquents who are terrorizing him. Russ meets with Matt’s friend, Scott, who divulges that Matt was having problems but refuses to elaborate, leading Russ to believe that his son was truly involved in drugs. Aubry is released and approached by a prosecutor from the D.A.’s office who tries to get her to testify against Carter. She maintains he didn’t do it.

Barb and Russ meet with Tom and Eve and discuss what will happen when Gwen wakes up. Barb expresses her upset they didn’t attend the arraignment. Russ reveals to Barb that a detective told him drugs were found at Matt’s house and that he also talked to one of Matt’s friends. Barb refuses to believe it, dismissing Russ. Aubry tries to see Carter, but is denied because she’s a felon. Tony reports the bullying, but nothing is done because there was no physical contact. At the Gutierrez house, Jenny is angry at Alonzo for not doing more to help Tony, accusing him of wishing they were white.

Aubry returns to her and Carter’s place only to get evicted by her landlord. Russ and Tom meet and talk civilly; Tom encourages Russ to fight Barb to do what’s right. Meanwhile, Barb meets with Detective Thompson, the detective who accused her son of being a drug dealer. Upon seeing that the detective is African American, she refuses to speak with her. At a restaurant, Aubry pockets an elderly couple’s tip and buys drugs at a club. She trips and dreams that she and Carter are reunited. They kiss, while cars are falling from the sky. The sound of crashing wakes her up – she passed out outdoors.

Hector is informed that he is being deported back to Mexico for murder. Tony is interviewed by his probation officer and admits that he wanted to do something to make his father angry. Aubry calls her father and asks for money; he refuses, reasoning that she’ll only use it to buy drugs. Later, she is given the money in cash and gets the presidential suite at a hotel. While Eve is at Gwen’s side, Tom is given Gwen’s lab results and he’s not pleased at the report. Russ tries to break into Matt’s house but is refused entry by police.

Tom informs Eve that Gwen’s “rape kit” results came back. There was no evidence that Carter assaulted her, but there was evidence that she’d had consensual sex with several partners.  Tom has a hard time stomaching the results, refusing to believe that was the daughter he raised. Eve shows him a photo of a happy and healthy Gwen, telling him that’s how he remembers her. Barb turns to an activist group for support and has a breakdown when talking about Matt. She is determined to do whatever is necessary to defend her son’s memory. 

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