S1 E04 Episode Four

03/26/15 | TV-14 | CC

After being pressured by her parents, Aubry attends an NA meeting. She storms out, begging to see Carter. Russ and Barb’s youngest son Mark (guest star David Hoflin) arrives, with Barb picking him up from the airport. She informs him about the fight over Matt’s body as well as the injustice of the case. Mark visits Gwen in the hospital. Meanwhile, Aliyah’s religious community is offering support for Carter. Aliyah and her lawyer, Brother Timothy, inform him that the case against him is weakening. Alonzo’s car dealership is defaced, with graffiti calling him a sellout.

Tony finds a friend in his protector, Edgar. Edgar gives Tony some helpful advice on how to survive and get released from juvie. Mark visits Russ at his job, eventually discussing the future of Matt’s body. Meeting with Deputy District Attorney Soderbergh, Aliyah presses to have a bail hearing for Carter. Aubry’s mother and brother arrive and already Aubry and her mother are butting heads. Aubry continues to attend NA meetings, only to buy drugs from an attendee. She also contacts Carter, who showers her with words of encouragement.

At the hospital, Hector is confronted by Lido about stealing the meds, but he refuses. Hector speaks to the head of the gang and lets him know that he wants out. He doesn’t take the news lightly. Tony is processed out of juvie and released into Alonzo’s care. Their reunion is awkward. The parents are informed by Attorney Sorenson that a bail hearing has been granted for Carter based on the lack of DNA evidence and lack of a murder weapon. The news makes everyone tense, causing them to place blame on one another. Later, Nancy gives Barb pointers for the bail hearing, explaining her experience.

At the bail hearing, Carter’s lawyer has a strong defense and requests for a complete dismissal of all charges against his client. The judge states that she is not going to dismiss the charges, as the Peoples’ case is compelling and deserves to move forward. However, the proof of Carter’s guilt is not as evident as it was when they determined bail was not appropriate; therefore, he will be set on bail for a million dollars. After the hearing, Barb takes it the hardest. Unable to contain her emotions, she approaches Carter’s supporters and loses it on them, regretting her actions later.

Tom and Eve are at Gwen’s side when he reveals he read the interviews about his daughter and her sexual partners. The two get into a heated argument about it when she reacts to it from her coma. Hector is walking down the hall when he is grabbed and his face is cut, sliced from ear to mouth – a sign that he is no longer in the gang. When a concerned Carter inquires about his bail, Aliyah reveals she has the money for it through her savings, by taking out a loan and for the rest, she took up a collection at the temple. She makes it clear to him that if she bails him out, he needs to follow her conditions, which includes staying away from Aubry.

Mark and Tom have a talk in the hospital cafeteria and discuss Gwen’s sleeping with other men. Mark is understanding, revealing that the story Barb tells about Matt signing up for the army after 9/11 isn’t true. He admits that Matt was selling and doing drugs, even back then. Barb didn’t know what to do with him, so she made him enlist; he didn’t want to go. Meanwhile, Gwen is taken off of life support and has a strong chance at surviving. 

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