S1 E06 Episode Six

04/09/15 | TV-14 | CC

The news of Carter fleeing is making the rounds and everyone on both sides is upset. The authorities search Carter’s apartment, tearing it apart and leaving it shambles. Aliyah is angry at the authorities as well as Carter for hurting people, including those at the temple who donated for his bail money, which has now been forfeited. Upon hearing the news, Russ is furious that Carter was able to run around, especially with all of his family now in Modesto. Meanwhile, Barb expresses her sentiment on a news show about Carter’s escape, making some eyebrow-raising comments.

Seeing Jenny’s face bruised, Alonzo tries talking to his daughter, but she dismisses him. Tony also attempts to get information out of his sister, but she tells him not to worry about her and to go to counseling with Alonzo. Aubry wakes up in the hospital after overdosing and is cuffed to the gurney. Russ rants to Mark about Carter’s fleeing; Mark goes on a rant himself, admitting he thinks his mother is hateful and that Russ was an awful father. After Mark asks him to leave, Russ has an emotional breakdown over his son’s comments.

Aliyah goes to court and can’t find out what happened to her brother. At counseling, Alonzo speaks to the counselor while Tony sits and glares at his father. He clearly wants to say something in spite of his father. When the counselor asks him if there’s anything he wants to say, he lets it all out. He expresses concern over Jenny and is upset at the fact that all Alonzo wants to do is talk about the past. Despite Eve's hesitation, Detective Palmer wants to interview Gwen about what happened on the night of Matt’s murder – a statement from her would seal Carter’s conviction. Unfortunately, she has lost all of her memory of the attack.

At his work, Russ finds comfort in a co-worker named Lisa, who commiserates with him. Aubry’s father Michael informs her that the authorities want to make a deal with her: give a statement against Carter and they’ll reduce her charges. Experiencing withdrawals from drugs, she screams at him to leave the room. Speaking with Brother Timothy, Aliyah admits feeling guilt over not being there for Carter to talk to. She regrets not giving him the plate of ribs like he wanted and not being the sister he needed to confide in.

Aubry’s brother Brian visits, assisting her in drinking water. He gives his two cents, advising her to listen to their father and speak to the police. He encourages her to come clean. Meanwhile, Barb has dinner with her new friend Jessie, a hairdresser, and the two discuss Mark’s fiancée. Soderbergh speaks to Hector and offers him a new deal in exchange for official testimony against Carter. Seeing their desperation, Hector demands full immunity and to be placed in witness protection – he wants a clean record and a clean start.

Tony finds out from Jenny’s boyfriend that she was beat up by a guy named Joaquin. With the help of his new friends, Tony gets vengeance for his sister, beating Joaquin with a pipe. The incident is captured on video by one of Tony’s new friends, who is using the footage for bragging rights. Stevie, the man that Carter beat up and stole drugs from, gives a statement that leads to Sorenson stating that new evidence has surfaced. The evidence indicates Carter may have singled out Matt Skokie based on his race. The murder is now officially being investigated as a hate crime. Barb is quite satisfied. Hector is moved from the county lock up prior to him giving testimony against Carter.

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