S1 E07 Episode Seven

04/16/15 | TV-14 | CC

Hector is placed in a better facility rehabilitating, while Carter is in solitary confinement and infuriated at his situation. At the Gutierrez house, Alonzo tries to talk to his kids but they’re both dismissive. Aubry is pressed by her family and her lawyer to turn against Carter so she can get out of jail. At his workplace, Russ is fired for not admitting he was a former convict. Mark’s fiancée Richelle arrives in Modesto, with plans to meet Barb. Meanwhile, Hector is set to give his testimony in court against Carter in return for his immunity. He confides in his lawyer about the situation in Sinoloa, admitting he shot someone in defense for another.

Tony gets arrested for beating Jenny’s attacker, Joaquin. The video footage that was taken that night ends up in the hands of the authorities. When Alonzo learns of his son’s arrest, he accuses the authorities of hounding his son. He is shown the recording of Tony and realizes that his son messed up big time. Barb meets Richelle and is euphemistic in questions, while Richelle very directly tells Barb she loves Mark and will marry him. Barb strikes back, planting the idea that Mark is marrying Richelle to get back at her. It’s a tense and shaky meeting, as both women are very headstrong.

In confinement, Carter is being tortured and abused. Meeting with Aliyah, all Carter can do is ask about Aubry. When a frustrated Aliyah lectures him about only caring for his partner, he reveals that Aubry was there for him at his lowest point, when he was still working at his accounting job. He tried to commit suicide by hanging himself – a fact that shocks Aliyah – but Aubry saved him. Battered and broken, he finally begs his sister for help.

Richelle meets up with Mark and tells him about her meeting with Barb. Alonzo and Jenny visit Tony, who is now back in juvie. The visit does not go well, with Alonzo storming out. When Jenny finds out that Tony beat Joaquin to protect her, she also leaves Tony on a bad note. Meanwhile, Brother Timothy and Aliyah are given incriminating information about Matt and his anti-government ideals and lifestyle. The information they find can slander Matt and Gwen. Timothy and Aliyah turn to the mayor’s office with the information, but are told nothing else could be done for them.

Aubry’s lawyer presses her to testify against Carter in order to save herself. She hands him an envelope with instructions to get it to someone and asks him to gather her family. Jenny runs off to her Uncle Oscar’s house and decides to live with her uncle and aunt for a while. Alonzo is offended and angry, but she insists he help Tony. Meanwhile, Russ turns to Tom about getting fired and asks him to help give Barb perspective, but Tom refuses to deal with her.

With her family gathered in a room, Aubry tells the investigator about her brother Brian sexually abusing her growing up. A furious Brian storms out, with their mother trailing him. Aubry states she is mentally unfit to testify against anyone. Once alone together, her father questions why she would lie about her brother. She reasons that she did it for Carter, who saved her. Meanwhile, Carter receives the envelope from Aubry: it’s a magazine photo of an interracial couple. The photo gives Carter hope. He meets with Aliyah, and while they continue to butt heads about Aubry, he admits to her that he can’t take being alone anymore. This drives Aliyah to make a case for a peaceful march in support of her brother. 

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