S1 E08 Episode Eight

04/23/15 | TV-14 | CC

Carter is interviewed at the prison and he credits his sister for standing up for him. When the interviewer begins to challenge Aliyah’s efforts, Carter ends the interview abruptly. At the rally office, Aliyah is warned about the growth of the protest. Meanwhile, Alonzo is informed that the DA is planning on charging Tony as an adult. While back at juvie with Edgar, he is welcomed as a returning hero. Barb is having a terrible day; she is being demonized online and is threatened with violence when someone throws a brick through her car window – with her in it.

Attempting to get back on his feet, Russ applies for a new job and is honest about his past, but has no luck. Hector is informed by his lawyer that his old girlfriend Sibila is in Modesto and wants to meet with him. He is initially hesitant, but does want to see her. Barb files a complaint about her attack, but is told nothing can be done. She receives a call informing her about Carter’s plea deal. During a meeting with Soderbergh, she pushes him to take Carter to trial, but he doesn’t budge. After the meeting, Barb tells Nancy she wants to organize her own march – the same time and place as the one for Carter.

Timothy tells Carter about the plea deal bargain. Carter is tired of it all and wants to take the plea deal, but Aliyah begs him not to. He gives in to his sister’s wishes and turns it down. Russ turns to his old co-worker Lisa, but when he asks her to swap stories like the old times, she rejects him. While waiting for Mark to come home, Russ meets with Richelle. When Mark arrives, Russ expresses his interest in staying at Matt and Gwen’s house and asks Mark to talk to Tom and Eve for him. The two argue, leading Russ to stress that he won’t run out on him again.

Eve watches as Gwen goes through physical therapy at the hospital. It’s slow progress and it breaks her heart. Barb approaches Eve and asks her to support Gwen at the rally; Eve puts her foot down and refuses. At the office, Aliyah and fellow protest organizers are evacuated due to a bomb threat, only to discover there is no bomb. Jessie offers Barb her support. She belongs to a “Rainbow” organization, with the idea that God keeps the colors of the rainbow separate. Barb is shocked at her friend’s beliefs as she is not a racist.

Alonzo meets with Tony and advises him to testify against Carter, citing that Hector – the “illegal” – got off. Tony says he doesn’t know anything and is surprised that his father wants him to lie. Meanwhile, Hector meets with his Sibila. The two have an emotional reunion and it’s revealed that he abandoned her and their daughter. Hector wants to right his wrongs against them and brings up the notion that they get married. Sibila walks out.

Nancy informs Barb she tried to get supporters for the protest but didn’t have much luck. She is repulsed by the likes of Jessie and similar-minded people and tells Barb she’s in even if it’s just them, but wants no part if she invites those other people in. Barb asks Nancy if Barb is a racist. When Nancy doesn’t respond, Barb gets a harsh reality check. Mark asks Tom to let Russ move into Matt and Gwen’s house. Tom says he has no problem with it. Aubry meets with her mother and they two argue about her love for Carter.

At the city hall, Aliyah gets details about the rally and fights to hold it in a central area. Barb drops off her car at the auto repair shop. The only place nearby is a gun shop, prompting Barb to purchase a gun for her protection. The day of the rally, all sides gather: supporters of Carter, supporters of Matt, supporters of segregation and the authorities. Carter’s supporters march, but are met with angry authorities. The sound of a gun rings out and the demonstration turns violent. Russ moves in to Matt and Gwen’s house. There’s a lot of work to be done.

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