S1 E09 Episode Nine

04/30/15 | TV-14 | CC

Barb practices shooting her new gun with an instructor. It’s new territory for her, but she needs it to feel safe. Aliyah meets with a lawyer and is able to force the court to advance the date of Carter’s preliminary examination. Hector is allowed to leave prison and visit with his girlfriend and their daughter at a motel. Meanwhile, Russ gets to work fixing up Matt and Gwen’s house. While rummaging around, he finds photos of Matt, including some very telling photos of his son in the army. They are incriminating pictures that sheds light on Matt’s true character. Russ burns it all before anyone else can get ahold of them.

In juvenile hall, a moment of silliness and teasing turns into a violent attack that kills Edgar, which Tony witnesses firsthand. He begins to fear for his future and turns to Alonzo. The two have a heart-to-heart and Tony begs his father to help him get out of there. Hector meets with Sibila and his daughter Adela at a motel; his daughter is initially afraid of him. Hector and Sibila discuss their future and Adela starts to warm up to him, to his delight. Aubry’s mother Ruth visits with Aliyah and asks for her help to see Carter in order to break Carter and Aubry apart.

Alonzo attempts to speak with Tony’s lawyer, but is dismissed and advised to get another one. Later, he tries to sell his garage and is met with an offer much lower than his asking price. He turns to Oscar for advice. Barb confides in Nancy and explains her shock at Jessie’s beliefs. Nancy tells her she is not the same as Jessie. When Barb realizes Nancy saw her gun, she gets defensive. Meanwhile, Gwen is rehabilitating and is told she can go home, but Eve and Tom are informed that their daughter will be using adult diapers.  Tom has a hard time coping with the fact that Gwen is helpless and can’t let go of what he’s discovered in recent times.

Aliyah brings Ruth to meet Carter, who is hesitant to meet with her. He asks her about Aubry and insists he can take care of her, but Ruth urges him to let her go. Carter’s supporters are gathered to protest and surround the courthouse while his preliminary examination takes place. The judge explains her decision will determine whether or not the trial goes forward. Hector is put on the stand. Later, Carter slips Aliyah an envelope, which she hands off to Little. Little meets with Aubry and gives her the envelope. Opening it excitedly, she finds the picture she sent him torn, causing her to have a breakdown.

Nancy visits Russ and informs him that Barb bought a gun. She expresses her concern over the possibility Barb could kill herself. Nancy admits she was in the same predicament: she had bought a gun and taught herself how to use it. She also admits she had planned out the details and wasn’t strong enough to carry it out – but Barb is. She encourages Russ to speak to Barb. Aubry begs Ruth to see Carter and Ruth tells her he’s done with her, revealing she spoke with Aliyah and Carter. Upon learning this, Aubry wants to send Carter a message.

With her parents, lawyer, and the DA present, Aubry begins to confess to the murder. When the room gets worked up, she fires her lawyer and kicks her father out of the room, confessing to the crime. She gives a detailed account of the night Matt Skokie was killed. She explains that after Carter was looking to score drugs from Matt, he returned and told her all the racist things Matt was saying. She went to the Skokie house looking to settle, taking along a gun for protection. She was negotiating with Matt when Gwen came in screaming, but he wouldn’t let her leave so she shot him in self-defense. When Gwen heard the shot, she came running out with something big enough to kill Aubry, so she shot her too.

Meanwhile, Russ takes Nancy’s advice and visits Barb at her apartment. Looking at photos he brought over, the two reminisce and talk about his gambling addiction. When Barb points out that Matt needed him and he wasn’t there, Russ agrees and explains he has to live with the things he’s done. Stressing the notion of living, he tells her he’s grateful for everything she’s done for their family, especially the sacrifices she made for Matt and Mark. He credits her for everything that their sons had, reminding her to remember that. His words resonate with her as he walks out the door.


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