S1 E03 Episode Three

03/19/15 | TV-14 | CC

It’s been a few weeks since the arraignment of the accused. At the Gutierrez house, Alonzo is feeling Jenny’s anger with her silent treatment. On his way out the door to work, he is met by a news crew in front of his home. Tony is picked on in juvie, but gains a protector in Edgar. Barb and Nancy, the head of the Victims Rights Group, meet with Soderbergh to try to get an additional special circumstance charge against Carter. Russ applies for a job at a garden center, which he later gets. The news crew cuts their interview with Alonzo, who is caught on camera making a controversial comment.

At the hospital, Hector is approached by a gang member who wants him to steal drugs. Barb gets a new hairstyle, which she hates. Outside of the hair salon, she gets served with papers by Russ to take possession of Matt’s body, which she refuses to accept. Aubry explains her obsession with magazine photos of interracial couples, which helps her see the world differently. Her father arrives. Although an addict, she is from a middle class background and was originally adopted as a foster child. Alonzo’s brother-in-law Oscar pays the Gutierrez house a visit. Oscar tries to give Alonzo constructive criticism and help out, but Alonzo just gets angry at him.

Tony’s probation officer meets with Jenny for some questioning. The officer pries about their home life; she reveals to him that she has to take care of everything at home. Meanwhile, Carter’s sister Aliyah arrives and wishes him a happy birthday. She reveals she found out about him by Celeste – his ex-fiance whom he left. Aliyah and Carter do not see eye to eye, as she is very religious and doesn’t approve of her brother’s lifestyle. She offers to help him, but when he asks her find Aubry for him and she refuses, he rejects her presence.

Russ and Barb both try to take possession of Matt’s body, but until Gwen wakes up, his body will be placed in storage. Jenny gets invited by a boy from school to a block party. She initially declines, but is easily convinced. Tom gets word from a lawyer to possibly get permission to look through Gwen’s emails and is relieved and hopeful over the news. Eve comes clean and admits she knew that Gwen was having sex with other guys, much to the shock and dismay of Tom. She had come to Eve because Matt got involved with drugs and was around people who scared Gwen.

Jenny and her friends go the block party, letting loose and dancing. The cops arrive and ask to see their IDs; everyone obliges except for Jenny. She makes more trouble for herself by her refusal, angering the police. When she finally hands it over, she is cleared, but visibly shaken. Upon arriving home, Alonzo questions her whereabouts and she throws him her usual attitude. When he admits he’s afraid of saying anything to her, she hugs her father and bursts into tears. He comforts her, promising Tony will come home and everything will be good.

Barb receives a call from Nancy: the DA’s office will NOT be adding an additional special circumstances charge against Carter. She is devastated. Alonzo meets with Tony’s probation officer, who informs him they will not release Tony to him. He recommends Tony stay in juvie for counseling and observation, which crushes Alonzo.

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