American Crime Premiere Sneak Peeks

By Patty Gopez | Feb 13th, 2015

American Crime premieres THURSDAY MAR 5, bringing you a new groundbreaking drama from Oscar® winning screenwriter John Ridley — and we have not just one, but two first look sneak peeks from the premiere!

In the pilot episode, following the home invasion murder of Matt Skokie that left his wife Gwen comatose, four suspects are taken into custody. There's Tony Gutiérrez, a teen who got in way over his head wanting to get a rise out of his dedicated and hard-working father, Alonzo GutiérrezHector Tontz, a man who has always lived on the fringes of society and struggles to survive; and Carter Nix and Aubry Taylor, two lost souls whose addiction to drugs and to each other has grown to be destructive. 


Though the suspects fit the profile, their situations are far more complicated than anyone would have initially believed. Enter Russ Skokie and Barb Hanlon, Matt's divorced and estranged parents, who arrive to bury their son as well as seek justice for his killing, only to discover their murdered son may have been far from an innocent bystander. 

American Crime premieres THURSDAY MAR 5 10|9c on ABC.