Anna-Kat Otto

Played by Julia Butters
Character Biography

At 7 years old, Anna-Kat is the youngest member of the Otto clan: tiny, adorable, and sweet. She has OCD, which results in some strange behavior: she has to stand still whenever the clock is 13 minutes past the hour, she has one ritual for going up stairs and another for everything else in her life, and she is compelled to pee exclusively in the back yard. At the same time, she's a total germaphobe--even though she's learning the hard way where she can and cannot put Purell Hand Sanitizer. Despite her father Greg trying to teach her that "friends are more important than germs," Anna-Kat has a tough time making friends in Westport. But her mom Katie takes solace in the fact that Anna-Kat's getting the special needs attention here that she requires, and Katie hasn't found like a bag of cat heads in her room yet or anything like that, thank God!

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Actor Biography

From the very beginning Julia's parents nurtured and encouraged her to be creative. The Los Angeles native naturally took to performing re-enactments of scenes from her favorite films and has even written a few original scenes of her own.

When Julia was four years old, a commercial she did for California Almonds captured the attention of a writer for "Criminal Minds," who wrote the episode "Gabby" with Julia in mind.

Julia loves the time spent on set working on new characters. Her most notable roles include work on "Transparent," "Best Friends Whenever," "Term Life" (directed by Peter Billingsley), "The Rusted," starring opposite Jenna Malone and Josh Hutcherson, "13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi" (directed by Michael Bay) and "The Headhunter's Calling," starring opposite Gerard Butler and Gretchen Mol. Outside of acting, Julia's greatest loves in life are school, dancing, Brazilian Jiu jitsu and anything cats.

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