Played by Ali Wong
Character Biography

Despite sharing Katie's dismissive view of the other Westport mombots, Doris is very popular thanks to her non-threatening diversity (she's Asian), her being extremely rich (even by Westport standards), and the fact that, unlike Katie, she can keep her sarcastic comments just between friends. Doris believes in tough, hands-on parenting, and is looking to help Katie discipline her children the Asian way: mostly through yelling and forcing them to consume strange meats.

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Actor Biography

Ali Wong is a stand-up comic, TV writer and actress living in Los Angeles, California. Her television writing credits include ABC's critically acclaimed series "Fresh Off the Boat."

On the weekend of Mother's Day 2016, Netflix released a stand-up special called "Baby Cobra," which was filmed in September 2015, when Wong was seven months pregnant, at the Neptune Theater in Seattle, Washington. Marc Maron called the special "the most honest, rawest, funniest special I've seen in years."

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