Oliver Otto

Played by Daniel DiMaggio
Character Biography

Katie and Greg's middle-child, 12-year-old Oliver is clean cut, self-assured, smart beyond his years, articulate, and a self-professed fiscal conservative. Oliver is the kind of kid who refuses to join in his school's food drive because it promotes a welfare state. Instead, he's a disciplined little capitalist who's saving for his next share of Apple stock. Deep down, though, he's a good kid, and uses his wits to find ways to help people and develop his portfolio.

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Actor Biography

What do you do when you are the son of two professional working actors/writers in Hollywood? Naturally, you wake up on your eighth birthday, react to the SAG/AFTRA gene in your DNA and proclaim, "I am ready to start acting." This is what 12-year-old Daniel DiMaggio did.

DiMaggio, who has starred in the films "Tales of Halloween" and "A Tiger's Tale," started his acting career with roles in multiple short films, which lead to a starring role in the cult favorite, Indy rock band The Blue Flames' music video "Space Plane," directed by John Asher.

With 15+ commercials to his credit, DiMaggio has guest starred in USA Network's "Burn Notice," Nickelodeon's "The Haunted Hathaways" and is the voice of Brady in Cartoon Network's animated series "Clarence." DiMaggio also played young Superman in the series "Supergirl."

DiMaggio lives in Los Angeles with his parents, Lou DiMaggio and Loretta Fox. He is a straight-A student, a cross-country runner (having finished the LA Marathon for the first time this year in 4:32) and a gifted baseball player for the Wilshire Warriors. His other interests are fine dining and traveling. The family has a loud, but very adorable puggle named Sonny, who remains indifferent to the entire Hollywood scene.

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