Taylor Otto

Played by Meg Donnelly
Character Biography

Taylor is Katie and Greg's eldest child. Drop-dead gorgeous at 14, fortunately her form of rebellion from a mother who despises anything close to exercise and a father who's genuinely excited by history textbooks is her single-minded focus on sports. Athletics come naturally to Taylor, who has no interest, or--to be honest, aptitude--for school-work. She has a bit of a sibling rivalry with her brother Oliver, who she thinks of as a nerd like their dad, but she often finds herself teaming up with Oliver as an important ally in the craziness of family politics.

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Actor Biography

New York-based Meg Donnelly is best known for her role as Ash in the Netflix series "Team Toon." Most recently, Donnelly has been seen on several episodes of the ABC News series "What Would You Do?" Donnelly has a strong background in musical theatre, in addition to being the lead singer of a pop/rock band. Meg is an accomplished singer, musician and dancer. She has also appeared in several commercials and print campaigns. In her free time, Meg enjoys songwriting, playing guitar and surfing.

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