S1 E14 Episode 14: Top 10 Reveal

04/23/18 | TV-PG | CC

America's overnight vote from Sunday will solidify the safety of the six contestants with the most votes. Those that are safe will perform a victory song, and the eight contestants who are in jeopardy will sing to impress the judges. The judges will choose four contestants to join America's top six picks, pushing 10 talented Idol hopefuls one step closer to stardom.

The top 14 finalists include:

- Ada Vox
- Cade Foehner
- Caleb Lee Hutchinson
- Catie Turner
- Dennis Lorenzo
- Gabby Barrett
- Garrett Jacobs
- Jonny Brenns
- Jurnee
- Maddie Poppe
- Mara Justine
- Marcio Donaldson
- Michael J. Woodard
- Michelle Sussett

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