S1 E07 Season Finale: Week Seven

09/08/14 | TV-14 | CC

On the surprising season finale of Bachelor in Paradise, Chris Harrison returns to give the remaining cast a shocking ultimatum—if they cannot see their relationship transitioning into their lives back home, they must leave paradise immediately. With emotions running higher than ever, a series of dramatic breakups ensue. Concerned that her friend may end up with the wrong person, Michelle encourages Graham to think twice about Ashlee. After the dust settles, Chris Harrison returns and surprises the remaining couples with romantic overnight dates.

One excited couple heads to the beautiful Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa where the head-over-heels bachelorette finally returns three little words her man is delighted to hear. Another couple heads off to enjoy dinner on the beach at the picturesque Papaya Playa where the cautious bachelorette expresses her concerns about the fast-moving relationship. And a third couple relaxes at the Zen Serenity Wellness Resort where the anxious bachelorette is excited to spend the night with her man in their fantasy suite.

The next day, the remaining couples return from their overnight dates. One excited bachelorette announces that her man is officially her boyfriend! While two of the women boast about how passionate their night was, one bachelorette is devastated by the lack of intimacy with her man. Having serious doubts about his affection for her, she confronts the stunned bachelor.

Chris Harrison comes to visit the final two couples and addresses the difficulty of taking their relationships into their lives back home. He then introduces a group of Bachelor couples who have successfully done just that, Jason and Molly Mesnick, Sean and Catherine Lowe and Desiree Hartstock and Chris Siegfried. In addition to sharing their insight, the group interviews the couples, testing the strength of their relationships.

Everyone gathers for a final rose ceremony where one bachelorette and her loyal man exchange roses and profess their love for one another. But then, to everyone’s surprise, one nervous bachelor steals his lady away, leaving everyone wondering what will happen next?

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