S1 E01 Series Premiere: Week One

08/04/14 | TV-14 | CC

Fourteen former Bachelor and Bachelorette cast members travel to paradise in search of a second chance at love.

Looking for love a second time around, the Bachelor in Paradise cast arrives in gorgeous Tulum, Mexico ready to mingle. Welcomed by Chris Harrison, they quickly get to know each other at a Bachelor-style arrival party located on the beautiful white sandy beach of their private oasis. Shortly after the party gets going, Chris Harrison interrupts to explain the rules of paradise, including one shocking detail. At the end of each week, anyone who is not in a romantic relationship will be sent home.

This week the men will hand out a rose to someone they’d like to spend more time getting to know. The women who do not receive roses will leave paradise forever. With that, the anxiety amongst the women immediately intensifies as they begin to evaluate the eligible men. Lacy is the first to make a move by taking Robert for a steamy dip in the ocean, only later to be canoodling with Marcus.

Throughout the week, date cards arrive for four lucky women who get a chance to ask out a man they’d like to spend time with, though it’s not without causing drama. Clare is the first to get a date card but when she asks out Graham, AshLee’s feelings are hurt. Clare doesn’t want any drama, so she opts to ask out Robert. Together they visit the ancient and majestic Tulum Ruins where they explore the historical landmark and frolic in the crystal clear ocean.

Sarah receives the second date card and asks out Marcus who, unbeknownst to her, may be smitten by another woman. Marcus accepts and the couple travels to Coba where they rappel into Tankah -ha Cenote, a beautiful underwater sinkhole where they share a kiss!

A third date card goes to an unexpected surprise arrival, Michelle Money, who promptly pulls Graham away for a chat. She then invites Marquel to go horseback riding along the romantic beach of Playa del Carmen. Lastly, the fourth date card goes to Lacy, who struggles to decide which of her two suitors to take. She ends up asking Robert on a date that ends up with a passionate kiss in the ocean.

With love-triangles beginning to form and uncoupled cast members scrambling to make a connection, the first Bachelor in Paradise rose ceremony commences. Couples start to officially pair up, but one bachelorette, Michelle K, interrupts everything to make a surprise announcement. She hasn’t made a connection, so she’s going home.

Marquel gives his rose to Michelle M.

Graham gives his rose to AshLee

Dylan gives his rose to Elise

Marcus gives his rose to Lacy

Robert gives his rose to Clare

Ben gives his rose to Sarah

That means Daniella is leaving paradise.

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