S1 E02 Week Two

08/11/14 | TV-14 | CC

Lover’s Leap: After last week’s dramatic rose ceremony, the cast said adios to Daniella, who did not receive a rose and Michelle K., who decided to remove herself from paradise. However, in a shocking twist, Chris Harrison reveals that an illicit hookup between Michelle K. and a crew member took place following her exit. The crew member ended up getting hurt after jumping off a balcony to avoid getting caught in, undoubtedly, the most bizarre scandal in Bachelor history.

New Arrivals: As the week begins, two new bachelors arrive at Papaya Playa Project in Tulum, Mexico with date cards in hand with Chris B. being the first. After feeling like a default choice at the last ceremony, a disheartened Clare is eager to make a romantic connection. She’s relieved when Chris asks her to be his date. Together, the two head for a romantic couple massage on the beach.

Love Triangle: Lacy and Marcus’ relationship begins to blossom as they enjoy a dreamy dinner date at the exotic eco-archeological park, Xcaret. However, their newfound connection upsets a jealous Robert, who Lacy invited on a date last week.

Dating Angle: For Dylan, having his heart recently broken on The Bachelorette, he finds that the woman he’s been spending time with, Elise, is moving way too fast. Elise attempts to make him jealous with Chris. The two of them are caught making out in the ocean. Her plan backfires. Dylan believes this turn of events leads them to believe things won’t work out between them. Elise is still clinging to hope though.

Zack’s Back: Zack is the latest bachelor to join the crew in paradise. He chooses Clare for a date. They explore the fun and eclectic Tulum Village, where he makes her feel like he is everything she’s been wanting.

Love Triangle, Part II: Another date card arrives for Dylan. He chooses Sarah, but she questions him about Elise. The two ladies have a chat about the situation. It’s weird to say the least. Elise says she trusts Sarah. She tearfully gives her blessing for the two of them to go on a date.

Letter from Home: As the week comes to a close, the group is shocked when they discover that one deceitful bachelor has been lying to everyone and has a girlfriend back home! Ben is confronted about an incriminating love letter that was found. He has no choice but to let everyone know that he’s going home.

The Rose Ceremony: As the cast heads to the beautiful Casa Palapa for the Rose Ceremony. Dylan had told Elise that he wouldn’t accept a rose from her. He stays true to his word by rejecting her. Elise then tells the group in a rather roundabout way that everyone deserves someone who will fight for her. So she gives her rose to Chris. As for Dylan, his bold move gets him sent home when Sarah gives the final rose to Robert.

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