S1 E04 Week Four

08/25/14 | TV-14 | CC

Cody Sattler, a hunky new bachelor, arrives in paradise with a date card and a mission. He immediately makes a hard sell for Clare, but is dejected when she reveals that she is in a relationship with Zack. In the spirit of keeping romance alive, the kind-hearted Cody gives his date card to his friend, Marcus, so he can continue to build his blossoming relationship with Lacy.

Michelle, who is still anxiously waiting to make a connection, is asked out by the latest bachelor to join the house, the infamous Kalon McMahon. She reluctantly agrees, but later regrets the decision and declines the offer. For the first time in Bachelor in Paradisehistory, the new bachelor decides to go on the date alone. He heads to the beautiful Cenote Maya in the Yucatan for a lonely day of rappelling and swimming.

To everyone’s surprise a third bachelor, Jesse Kovacs, arrives and invites newcomer Jackie on a date to the stunning Rio Secretowhere he seems to win her over, leaving her other suitor, Marquel, in jeopardy of going home.

Back at the house, things start to heat up when the outspoken AshLee gets caught gossiping about Clare, leading to an epic confrontation. The ladies show an ugly side that leaves their suitors, Graham and Zack, with some serious concerns heading into the rose ceremony.

The contestants gather at the scenic Casa Palapa where six women must each hand out a rose, meaning two men will be exiting paradise. As the ladies begin to hand out their roses, the memory of the confrontation is still lingering and to everyone’s surprise, one of the bachelors panics and runs out of the rose ceremony just as his name is being called. His suitor and the rest of the contestants are left in shock.

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