S1 E05 Week Five

08/26/14 | TV-14 | CC

The cliffhanger of the last shocking rose ceremony continues as an apprehensive Graham returns after fleeing the Casa Palapa. However, in an unexpected twist, one bachelorette is rushed to the hospital in an ambulance after falling ill. Unfortunately for two bachelors, they come up unlucky in love and must leave paradise forever.

The week begins as a new bachelorette arrives with her eyes set on Zack, but just as she gives him a date card, he denies her invitation due to his newfound relationship with Clare. Instead, the new arrival asks out paradise’s newest bachelor, Jesse, and they head off to enjoy a romantic stroll through the streets of Valladolid.

Sarah is the next to receive a date card and she takes her handsome new beau Robert on a romantic dinner date at the charming Coqui Coqui hotel. With love in the air, the couple shares their first kiss! Later, a second bachelorette arrives to Tulum, Mexico and wastes no time living up to her nudist reputation. After revealing she has a date card, she asks out popular bachelor Jesse, leaving the woman he just went on a date with, worried. The two head off to explore the ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza.

Fast-moving Cody tells Michelle about his feelings for her but in order to determine if he’s for real, Michelle invites him on a date. The two travel to the beautiful Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa where they pose for a wedding photo shoot. Cody is over the moon but Michelle finds herself overwhelmed.

Back at the house, one bachelor reveals to his partner that he’s in love with her. Then, later in the week, one bachelor questions his relationship with an emotional bachelorette. When he sits down for serious talk to expresses his hesitation, she questions everything and ends up packing her bags and exiting paradise.

The night of the rose ceremony, the cast gathers at the Casa Palapa where the six men each hand out a rose. While most of the couples are in good standing, two women desperately vie for one playboy bachelor’s rose and one pair discovers they have a mutual crush.

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