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The long awaited fifth season of Bachelor in Paradise returns to ABC. The cast comprised of former fan favorites from The Bachelor franchise are back and ready for a second (or third) chance at finding love. Over the course of the season, we'll follow cast members as they explore new relationships and viewers at home will watch as they fall in love or go through renewed heartbreak.

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season 2

    S2 E1 Season 2 Premiere: The Mystery Woman Arrives

    The men and women get acquainted at a cocktail party; Chris announces a twist.

    08/02/15Season 2TV-14
    S2 E2 Week 1, Night 2

    Clare is disappointed when all the guys she is interested in seem to be taken and she's stuck on a date with Mikey T.

    08/03/15Season 2TV-14
    S2 E3 Week 2, Night 1

    One contestant reveals she has a boyfriend; a new arrival's abrasive behavior proves problematic.

    08/09/15Season 2TV-14
    S2 E4 Week 2, Night 2

    The morning after a dramatic night in Paradise, the cast is still reeling from Jared’s controversial decision to ask Clare to be his date.

    08/10/15Season 2TV-14
    S2 E5 Week 3, Night 1

    While Chris Harrison tries to keep Clare from making an irrational decision, Juelia Kinney faces a difficult choice between Joe Bailey, who she’s falling for, and two other suitors.

    08/16/15Season 2TV-14
    S2 E6 Week 3, Night 2

    Juelia decides to caution her friend Samantha about Joe but it’s clear her warning falls on deaf ears; a new arrival comes between Dan and Ashley S.

    08/17/15Season 2TV-14
    S2 E7 Week 4, Night 1

    Joe reveals his true intentions; a heartbroken Juelia asks Chris Harrison for an unprecedented request; a handsome and notorious newcomer is surprised to learn that Samantha is already in a relationship.

    08/23/15Season 2TV-14
    S2 E8 Week 4, Night 2

    After a night of dramatic break-ups, the “Bachelor in Paradise” cast is still trying to make sense of it all; new romance blooms for one couple.

    08/24/15Season 2TV-14
    S2 E9 Week 5, Night 1

    A bachelorette has a change of heart; a new arrival stirs up Paradise with an arrival that troubles some and baffles others.

    08/30/15Season 2TV-14
    S2 E10 Week 5, Night 2

    Chelsie and two other new female arrivals shake up existing relationships in the house.

    08/31/15Season 2TV-14
    S2 E11 Week 6, Night 1

    Ashley I. goes for her Princess Jasmine dreams with Jared; and one couple endures a shocking and painful breakup.

    09/06/15Season 2TV-14
    S2 E12 Season Finale: Week 6, Night 2

    Connections are put to the test during each couple's final fantasy suite dates to help them determine whether or not their relationships can last outside of Paradise.

    09/07/15Season 2TV-14