S2 E06 Week 3, Night 2

08/17/15 | TV-14 | CC

Juelia Kinney decides to caution her friend Samantha Steffen about Joe Bailey but it’s clear her warning falls on deaf ears when Samantha immediately runs off to tell Joe everything that was said about him. Smooth-talking Joe assures his dream girl Samantha that what they have is real, leaving Juelia even further distraught.

Meanwhile, rumors about this new couple begin to swirl amongst the group when Tanner Tolbert reveals to his buddy Jared Haibon that the villainous Joe and Samantha have more of a history than they’re admitting. When the guys confront them, they’re met with resistance and more lies, spurring the partners in crime to hatch a new plan to keep their stories straight. Later, newly single Ashley Salter, hopeful for reconciliation with Dan Cox, has a moment of happiness when her best friend Amber James arrives to Paradise… up until Amber asks Dan out on a date. When they head off on their date, the distressed Ashley S. breaks down in the arms of Juelia but later finds more comfort from her feathered “friends.”

On their date, Dan and Amber walk the streets of Puerto Vallarta hand in hand, stopping to kiss along the way, and it’s clear neither of them have a concern for Ashley S. Another sweet duo, JJ Lane and Megan Bell, spend their date sailing on a yacht with dolphins jumping alongside. Upon their return however, JJ comes to learn the real story behind lying twosome Joe and Samantha and becomes enraged that they’ve picked on Juelia and robbed her chance to find love. Not afraid of conflict, JJ confronts Joe, who becomes immediately defensive, sprouting off more lies and the two almost come to blows!

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