S2 E01 Season 2 Premiere: The Mystery Woman Arrives

08/02/15 | TV-14 | CC

Looking for a second chance at love on the two-night season premiere of Bachelor in Paradise, the cast arrive one by one to their own private Paradise in the gorgeous town of Sayulita, located in Vallarta-Nayarit, Mexico. Welcomed by Chris Harrison, the cast quickly gets acquainted at a Bachelor-style cocktail party on the shores of Playa Escondida.

The mood changes quickly when the Mystery Woman enters Paradise, and the cast is shocked to learn who she is. Breaking the tension, Chris Harrison interrupts to explain the rules of Paradise and one shocking twist. This week, the men will hand out a rose to someone they’d like to spend more time getting to know and the women who do not receive roses will have to leave Paradise forever. Then, he informs the group he has one more surprise in store.

Throughout the episode, date cards arrive for two lucky women who get a chance to ask out a man they’d like to spend alone time with, though it’s not without causing drama. The first of many love triangles is quickly formed between a fixated Ashley I., her crush Jared, and sought-after Jade. When Ashley I. receives the first date card, she is overjoyed and asks out Jared. Despite his reluctance, the two head off on an adventurous date, riding an ATV through the jungle to a private beach where they both open up about their feelings and ultimately form a connection. After returning to Playa Escondida, Ashley I. soon discovers that Jade has also received a date card and fears that she may encroach on her claimed man. Jade decides to ask out Tanner, hoping to build on their chemistry and they enjoy a romantic dinner and dip in the pool.

Back at the house, Ashley S. becomes ill and must be taken by ambulance to the hospital. With dates being had and couples forming, all seems to be well in Paradise. That is until Clare from last season unexpectedly enters and changes everything.

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