S2 E11 Week 6, Night 1

09/06/15 | TV-14 | CC

Ashley I. whisks Jared away to a luxurious hotel to give their romantic connection one last chance on Bachelor in Paradise. After agreeing to stay the night together in the fantasy suite, Ashley I. may finally have her Princess Jasmine dreams come true on Week 6, Night 1. Meanwhile, Mikey makes the heart-wrenching decision to end things with Juelia after realizing their 2nd chance at romance has fizzled into a friendship. Caught off guard, Juelia is left devastated and leaves Paradise unlucky in love.

New Bachelorette Jaclyn arrives and struggles to find a man for her date before Justin finally accepts. But to her surprise, Justin backs out of their plans when he’s asked on a second date by the very last arrival in Paradise, Cassandra. The excited couple sets off to enjoy a romantic horseback ride along the beach, culminating with a hot make out session! Meanwhile, Jaclyn settles a long-standing score with Nick, an old foe from Bachelor Pad 3, making him humiliate himself before handing over her date card so he can finally take Samantha on a date. 

While Ashley I. has fallen in love with her prince charming, Jared has come to realize that he is never going to feel the same way and breaks it off, leaving her in tears! As Jared exits Paradise, the house is left with a serious reminder that not all couples will survive this challenging final week.

Taking advantage of a relinquished date card, Samantha and Nick head off to the elegant Vidanta Resort where they are treated to an exquisite meal prepared by renowned chef Josefina Santacruz.

The night of Paradise’s final cocktail party, to everyone’s shock, Chris Harrison cancels the cocktail party and announces the group will be heading directly into the rose ceremony. He explains that only those in committed relationships, and those who truly still see the potential for love, should continue on in Paradise. In what becomes the largest round of eliminations in Bachelor history, startling decisions are made, resulting in eight disenchanted people exiting Paradise, once again unlucky in love.

The next morning, Paradise seems like a ghost town after nearly half the remaining hopefuls were eliminated at the rose ceremony. Chris Harrison stops by to inform the five remaining couples that they will each be given a fantasy suite date to help determine whether or not their relationships can last outside of Paradise. While most couples are excited about the opportunity, one Bachelor has come to realize that things are moving too quickly between him and his lady, resulting in the most heart-breaking, tear-filled, epic breakup in all of Bachelor history. With another one of Paradise’s couples gone, the group is left dumbfounded, wondering what chance their relationships have of surviving these final days of Paradise.

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