S2 E12 Season Finale: Week 6, Night 2

09/07/15 | TV-14 | CC

The cast is reeling from a shocking break up that left everyone questioning the stability of their own relationships in the Bachelor In Paradise finale. Connections are put to the test as each couple hits the town for their final fantasy suite dates to help them determine whether or not their relationships can last outside of Paradise. While some couples enter their fantasy suite excited to move their relationship forward, others enter with reservations. While Tenley has doubts about a life with Joshua, Cassandra wonders if the fantasy suite might be too much too soon for her and Justin.

The next day, the couples return to the house where Chris Harrison advises them to spend their final day wisely, thinking hard on their relationships, as the upcoming final rose ceremony will be a commitment to life beyond Paradise. With heavy hearts and uncertain minds, the final four couples separate and prepare for a ceremony that will determine their fates.

As the final rose ceremony commences, shocking decisions are made, concluding in one couple’s heart-wrenching breakup, and one Bachelor’s decision to not give out his rose. What does fate have in store for Paradise’s final couples? Will their journeys end in tears of heartbreak or joy? All is revealed in the shocking season finale of Bachelor In Paradise!

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