S2 E03 Week 2, Night 1

08/09/15 | TV-14 | CC

The excitement and drama continues for the remaining contestants as Bachelor in Paradise picks up immediately following the first rose ceremony. After all the roses have been handed out, one Bachelorette has a tearful meltdown, claiming she’s unhappy and wants to leave Paradise. 

As the week begins, the unhappy Bachelorette reveals that she has a boyfriend back home and the cast questions her purpose in Paradise. Josh, the hunky bachelor that Lauren was waiting for, arrives with a date card in hand but asks Tenley out instead. The two have a romantic time in the charming beach town of Sayulita, but upon their return back to the house, a jealous JJ isn’t thrilled to see the chemistry forming between them.

Meanwhile, the cast is shocked when new bachelor Joe arrives and displays abrasive behavior that is off-putting to everyone. He takes Juelia on a date where they ride horses to Quimixto Waterfalls and get to know each other over a picnic, but the budding relationship is short-lived as he later reveals his true intentions behind coming to Paradise. 

Back at the house, a date card arrives for Jared who has found himself in a love triangle between two prominent rivals -- Ashley I. and Clare. His date of choice sets off a chain reaction of dramatic events that leads to more jealousy, fighting, and tears than Paradise has ever seen before! 

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