S2 E04 Week 2, Night 2

08/10/15 | TV-14 | CC

The morning after a dramatic night in Paradise, the cast of Bachelor in Paradise is still reeling from Jared Haibon’s controversial decision to ask Clare Crawley to be his date. Mikey Tenerelli and Ashley Iaconetti are left feeling deserted and heartbroken by the decision.

Despite the drama, Jared and Clare head out on one of the most adventurous dates of the season, taking a sailboat to a small island where they go bungee jumping. Meanwhile at the house, Ashley I. is distraught that her love interest is out on the date, possibly falling in love with another woman. When the happy couple returns, Ashley I.’s fears are confirmed, leaving both ladies vying for the bachelor’s heart.

One of the most exciting love triangles in Paradise becomes a “love square” when new bachelor, Michael G., arrives with a date card and a mission to win the heart of Tenley, who is already torn between two suitors. The couple heads off to the luxurious Vidanta Resort where they enjoy one of the most romantic dates in Bachelor history, dining atop a shimmering pool of water. The couple is shocked and awed when a mariachi band of over 100 musicians steps out onto the water, serenading them, and they dance the night away.

The night of the cocktail party, Jonathan and Mikey try to convince Juelia that Joe is playing her. Clare lectures the entire cast in one of the strangest Paradise tantrums to date. With so much drama and craziness surrounding the night, what will happen next? Who will be sent home brokenhearted? 




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