S2 E09 Week 5, Night 1

08/30/15 | TV-14 | CC

After Joe Bailey’s dream girl Samantha Steffen accepted a date from his friend Justin Reich, Joe mopes around Paradise feeling dejected. But to everyone’s great shock, the unpredictable Bachelorette has a change of heart, leading her back to Joe and cancelling her date with Justin, on Bachelor in Paradise. Disappointed Justin then asks out his second choice Bachelorette, Amber James, though her heart lies with an uninterested Dan Cox. But trying to make the best of it, the odd couple heads to Sayulita where they learn the sexy art of salsa dancing and take a dip in the ocean.

Meanwhile, a new but seasoned Bachelor, Chris Bukowski, arrives in Paradise with a date card but struggles to make the right impression. Things are worsened by a day full of drinking and when he’s rejected by his date choice, Tenley Molzahn, he’s left humiliated and sad. Adding insult to injury, Joshua Albers boldly takes the opportunity to ask Chris for his unused date card to take Tenley, the very same woman who rejected Chris! The two make use of a relinquished date card and head to Guadalajara where they spend the day getting a taste for Mexican food and culture, and are treated to a private dinner prepared by renowned chef Francisco Ruano. Things get spicy and sweet for Joshua and Tenley.

The night of the cocktail party, the men are feeling the pressure as the power lies in the hands of the women. Both Amber and Ashley Iaconetti desperately vie for Jared Haibon, while Dan, who’s on the chopping block, makes it his mission to convince Samantha that Joe isn’t what he seems. In what becomes Paradise’s most dramatic rose ceremony to date, shocking decisions are made, resulting in a surprise departure. The night isn’t over though when Chelsie Webster, a new arrival, joins Paradise.

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