S3 E01 Week 1: Season Premiere

08/02/16 | TV-14 | CC

Looking for a second chance at love on the season premiere, the cast arrive one by one to their own private paradise in the gorgeous town of Sayulita, located in Vallarta-Nayarit, Mexico.  The group of former fan-favorites and controversial Bachelor alum live together along the shores of Paradise beach, share exotic dates, and explore new romances, all for another chance to find love.

After being welcomed by host Chris Harrison, the hopeful lovers get acquainted at their first informal cocktail party on the beach, with drinks served by Paradise's own bartender and unofficial therapist, Jorge. It's a mix of former contestants and a few returning Paradise favorites ready for another chance at love.  But no one is more highly anticipated than villainous Chad, hot off the heels of his dramatic exit from JoJo's season. The divisive hunk is the last to arrive, but he makes a big splash, garnering the attention of friends, curious women and former foes. Later, Chris Harrison interrupts the party to explain the rules of Paradise, including several shocking details.  For the first week, the men will hand out a rose and one woman will be going home!

As the cast begins to explore their new home, it's clear that this romantic seaside retreat will be the perfect place to find love! Brooklyn-born "mamma's boy" Vinny and blue-eyed sweetheart Izzy find themselves sharing their first kiss amongst the waves, marking a quick start in Paradise. Wild bachelorette Lace wastes no time in making connections of her own, jumping quickly from chiseled firefighter Grant to contentious hunk Chad, marking the start of Paradise's most intense and chaotic relationship ever.

Later, the first date in Paradise goes to gorgeous and sweet ex-military bachelorette Jubilee.  She takes her crush Jared on a visually stunning date, sharing an intimate dinner and taking a swing at love in a sea of brightly colored piñatas.

Back at the house, things are getting wild! All eyes are on one out of control couple whose constant (and simultaneous) flirting, fighting, and use of inappropriate language rubs some the wrong way.  An erratic bachelorette breaks things off when the unhinged hunk refuses to calm down. Ignoring the advice of his few friends, he escalates his unacceptable behavior, offending everyone in Paradise, including the staff. By the end of the night, the house has seen enough of this very highly anticipated Paradise arrival, and the hunk's night ends in an embarrassing mess. The next morning, host Harrison calls a house meeting to discuss the night's events, which leads to someone leaving much earlier than expected, as Harrison says, "This is supposed to be Paradise, and in one night, you've managed to turn it into Hell!"

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