S3 E03 Week 2, Night 2

08/09/16 | TV-14 | CC

New Arrivals: Christian, a sexy bachelor from JoJo's Bachelorette season arrives in the house with a date card in hand. He asks out Sarah, leaving Canadian Daniel upset since he has been hanging out with the beauty and was counting on her rose! They have an adventurous date of zip-lining and repelling in Mexico that ends with a romantic kiss by a waterfall! After they return to the house, Daniel is jealous and decides to make a move by setting up his own private date to try and win her over. A new love triangle has formed!

Brandon, from Desiree Hartsock's season of The Bachelorette arrives but no one, including Chris Harrisoncan remember who he is from Bachelor Nation. Luckily, he doesn't let that stop him from looking for love in Paradise. Brandon asks out Haley and swears up and down he can tell her apart from Emily. The twins put this to the test by switching places on him in the middle of a date. Unfortunately, he fails miserably at the task and the girls keep the joke to themselves.

Nick vs. Josh Part 2Josh Murray's presence in Paradise continues to annoy Nick ViallIf the heat carries on with Amandathis marks the second time Josh has stolen Nick's girl. Judging by the non-stop smooching, it seems Nick should focus his attentions elsewhere.

Desperate Measures: After Carly and Evan's spicy date resulted in them both throwing up, Carly knows what she has to do. When she breaks the news she isn't romantically interested, Evan seems to take it well. Later he breaks down crying over the short relationship. After Carly breaks up with Evan, he is a desperate man. He needs to get a rose to stay. The erectile dysfunction doctor then sets his sights on Amanda who he was interested in from the beginning. The only problem being she is in the midst of a heavy duty makeout session with Josh. This doesn't stop Evan from giving it a good old college try and interrupting to ask the cute, mother of two on a date.

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