S3 E04 Week 3, Night 1

08/15/16 | TV-14 | CC

Steal Your Girl: Fresh off of getting his heart broken by CarlyEvan makes a desperate plea to stay in Paradise by pulling Amanda away from Josh in the middle of a makeout session. Talk about bad timing! Amanda handles things quite well. She tells him she appreciates the gesture but he is too late and her affections lay elsewhere. Like with Josh who she has been nonstop making out with. Luckily, Josh has pizza to keep him company while Amanda is letting Evan down gently. Before the rose ceremony, Evan gets even more desperate and pulls Amanda aside AGAIN. This time it is to warn her about Josh. Bachelorette Andi Dorfman, Josh's ex, made some nasty claims about her former flame in a tell-all book. Josh says they are fiction but the drama surrounding it is enough to remind Amanda to proceed with caution. She likes Josh but wants to be smart about this relationship. The last thing she needs is to get caught up with a bad boy in Paradise.

Rose Ceremony Surprises: Several of the cast members are on edge when it comes time for the rose ceremony. The women hold the power this week, which means two unsuspecting gents are going home. Despite having an amazing time on their zip-lining date, Sarah doesn't give Christian her rose. There's just something about Daniel and his goofy ways she wants to explore. Brandon shouldn't have been so confident about being able to tell Haley and Emily apart because it ends up getting him a ticket home. Haley decides to give her rose to a more deserving bachelor as a friend, NickIn a surprise move, Carly decides to give her rose to Evan. 

Caila Captivates in Paradise: Caila arrives in Paradise and everyone is captivated by her gorgeous smile and perfect hair. She immediately sets her eyes on Jared and the two go on the most romantic date ever. Cue the picture perfect ocean-side horseback ride sealed with a straight out of a movie kiss. One person who isn't thrilled about the bubbly brunette's entrance is Emily. Caila threatens the groundwork the twin has already put in with Jared and could mean the end of her time in Paradise. 

Double Trouble: In a Paradise first, a double-date card arrives inviting GrantLaceIzzy and Vinny out for a wild night on the town in Mexico. The tequila is flowing heavily and it is all fun and games until another patron dumps water on Lace. Luckily, Grant is there to calm his new love down so the "old Lace" doesn't come out. 

Evan's Next-Level Desperation?: After a night of playing drinking games with Carly, Evan passes out and producers can't wake him up. Carly is called to his room and told he is having a medical issue. When she arrives the medic has him hooked up to machines but he seems completely fine. Did he fake a medical emergency just to get Carly's attention? Carly is confused about her feelings for Evan. This is the most extreme thing anyone has ever done for her affections and she weirdly kind of digs it.

Cue the Tears: Just as Caila and Jared are really hitting it off, Ashley I. arrives to try and capture Jared's affections once again. Since their time in Paradise last season, the two have stayed in touch but have yet to get too physical. Ashley hasn't told Jared she was coming to Mexico and hopes he isn't already in love with someone else. Knowing Ashley it won't be long before the tears start flowing. 

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