S3 E05 Week 3, Night 2

08/16/16 | TV-14 | CC

Hurricane Ashley: Bachelor in Paradise vet and famous virgin Ashley Iaconetti arrives in Mexico vowing to cry only three times during her stay. For fans that are not familiar, Ashley shed enough tears during her time on Chris Soules' Bachelor season and her previous round in Paradise to fill a small ocean. Unfortunately, one of the cries is used up almost immediately upon arrival. Ashley is there to either win Jared back or get over him with someone else. Her timing is slightly amiss though because Jared is already hitting it off with Caila. Ashley is doubly upset because she had spoken to Caila pre-show and the bubbly brunette had promised not to go after Jared. Despite talking it out with all parties involved, Ashley feels backstabbed and finds it hard to move on. Jared encourages Ashley to ask Daniel out on a date. She does and the night quickly centers around her virginity. Although Ashley and Daniel share some laughs, as we are all well aware her eyes are set on someone else.

Hope for Nick: Jen Saviano, a beautiful entrepreneur from The Bachelor Season 20, arrives in Paradise just in time to save Nick from Amanda and Josh's constant sweaty public makeout sessions. The two spend the day on a yacht and sparks fly. Could this be love for Nick?

Oh, Evan: After several attempts at winning Carly's affections in extreme ways, Evan finally figures out the perfect date to take her on - a trip to the hospital complete with an ambulance ride. The best part is it actually works. Carly loves how relaxed Evan seems in the hospital and things look promising for the blooming couple. All aboard the Evan train!

Jared Wants Out: Jared wants Ashley to move on. Why did she come to Paradise if she was just going to obsess over him? Ashley thought time on the beach would help her get over Jared but this is far from the case. She doesn't understand how they can be such good friends and not take their relationship to the next level. Most importantly, Ashley doesn't want Jared to be with anyone else. Even Nick tries to make Ashley see what she has with Jared is obsession, not love. Jared can't take Ashley's drama anymore and doesn't know what to do. It's impossible for either one of them to find love with the possessive way she is acting. Overwhelmed with how crazy the experience is getting, Jared threatens to leave Paradise.

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