S3 E06 Week 4, Night 1

08/22/16 | TV-14 | CC

Daniel Is Paradise's Most Eligible: In the hours leading up to the third rose ceremony, Jared tries desperately to get Ashley I. to move on so he can get to know Caila on another level. Ashley doesn't make this easy as every other word he says causes her to spiral even further into an emotional breakdown. Ashley wants to stay in Paradise but with so many happy couples creating connections, the chances of getting a rose looks slim. Due to all the recent pairings, Daniel finds himself the only hope for one of the four remaining bachelorettes to snag a rose. Sarah makes a play for it by gifting Daniel a half birthday cake. Haley makes a better move though by giving the Canadian a smooch on the lips, thus ensuring she and Emily receive the rose. Ultimately, Sarah and Ashley I. are the two bachelorettes sent home.

Hurricane Ashley I. Continues to Rain on Paradise: Not getting a rose isn't enough to get Ashley to leave Paradise. She comes back after the rose ceremony asking the cast for a second chance. Ashley promises this time to go in with an open mind and not to obsess over Jared. Despite concerns with whether or not Jared could actually move forward with Caila while Ashley and her tears are still in the picture, the cast says yes to the return. You can be completely over the love of your life in a matter of three hours, right ? Let's hope a cutie catches Ashley's attention stat. 

Enter Brett, Carl and Ryan: Just in the nick of time three bachelors arrive in Paradise to shake things up. However, even the most diehard members of Bachelor Nation may need a refresher on who they are. Brett Melnick is the first to arrive. He is a hairstylist from Andi Dorfman's Bachelorette season and best known for arriving with a large floor lamp in hand stolen from his hotel room when meeting Andi for the first time. Naturally, he brings a lamp to Paradise too and instantly captures the attention of Izzy and Caila. Carl King, a firefighter with tattoos, is also from Andi's season. It's not entirely surprising he isn't well remembered from his time on the show though because he only lasted two episodes. Things look a lot better for Carl in Paradise as he instantly gets a hot date with Emily. Now if everyone can just remember his name.... Later Ryan Beckett who wooed Kaitlyn Bristowe on The Bachelorette for a few weeks is also a late addition to Paradise. Could one of them be Ashley's hope for love after Jared? Don't hold your breath.

Killing The Vibe: Caila likes Jared and doesn't want to go on dates with other people...or does she? When Brett asks Caila out on his first date in Paradise, Ashley is overjoyed. Maybe Caila will fall in love with Brett and then she and Jared can finally live happily ever after. Caila tells Jared she isn't going on the date then turns around and tells Brett she is going with him two times over. All the back and forth is exhausting for everyone in Paradise. Caila FINALLY makes a decision and sticks with it. She is going out with Brett. Sorry, Jared. Too bad the date ends up being a booze cruise double date which is totally not Caila's jam. Carl and Emily click right away and can't stop showing off their Magic Mike style grinding moves. Caila and Brett however, are not a fit. She isn't vibing him or the wild, booze cruise scenario at all. Caila wishes she had stayed back and hung out with Jared instead of going on this date. Oh, the perils of indecision. 

Too Much, Too Soon: Grant sets up a romantic massage date for Lace and caps it off with saying those three little words that cement the feelings in a relationship. Lace isn't ready to tell Grant she loves him quite yet.

Brett Comes Between Izzy and Vinny: When Brett's arrival makes a big impression on Izzy, she gets candid with Vinny about her feelings. Izzy doesn't want to hurt him, but confesses Brett gives her butterflies. Vinny is shocked to say the least. He thought he would be leaving Paradise with Izzy and now things aren't looking good in that regard. Later Vinny pulls Izzy aside to talk to her about the future of their relationship. Could the lamp guy just have broken up one of the strongest couples in Paradise? 

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