S3 E07 Week 4, Night 2

08/23/16 | TV-PG | CC

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: Vinny pulls Izzy aside to talk about the future of their relationship. He can't shake Izzy's admitted feelings for Brett, a guy she has barely spent 10 minutes speaking to, and it's enough for him to realize Izzy isn't the one. They were one of the most solid couples in Paradise. How can this be happening? Are the two really breaking up just because Izzy thinks Brett is super-hot? Is that feeling stronger than the foundation she and Vinny have built? It is so hard for Vinny to wrap his head around he decides to leave Paradise for good. If he isn't going to be with Izzy, there is no point in staying. Looks like the lamp guy just put the lights out in Paradise.

A Glimmer of Hope: Still reeling from the first big break up in Paradise, the cast is re-energized when Jade and Tanner Tolbert, who found love during Bachelor in Paradise Season 2, return to Mexico to provide everyone with a little hope they too can find love in a hopeless place. The gang is beyond excited to see the newlyweds and how happy they are. Jade and Tanner encourage the group. They just want everyone to find the kind of love they have. Week 4 is where things went full throttle for them emotionally and the same can be said for a lot of the Season 3 couples. The pair brings with them a date card. The couples sit down with the husband and wife, hoping to impress and obtain the romantic date. Ultimately, Caila and Jared are the date recipients, which devastates Ashley once again. She has definitely surpassed her three cry goal by this point.

Carly and Evan Get Deep: No one would have expected it, but Carly and Evan are quickly becoming one of the cutest couples in Paradise. This week the two went on a date (a legitimate one this time) and took part in an ancient ceremony where they released their fears and negative energy into the universe. Carly loved how into it Evan was and realized she is becoming even more attracted to his mind, body and soul.

The Ex Factor: Despite her best efforts to move on, Ashley just can't shake her Jared love. After Ashley tells Jared Caila's feelings aren't genuine for him, Caila pulls her aside to set the record straight. Caila explains she has been hesitant regarding Jared but it's also really hard to take the relationship to the next level while Ashley is still obsessed with him. She tries to encourage Ashley to turn her attention towards other men in Paradise. Unfortunately, none of the newbies have caught her eye quite yet, freeing Ashley's time up to sabotage any relationship Jared has. Caila starts to wonder whether or not being with Jared is worth the constant Ashley drama. Fingers crossed a sexy bachelor's arrival changes things and soon. 

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