S3 E09 Week 5, Night 2

08/30/16 | TV-14 | CC

Taking Chances: Caila proves her mind is made up about leaving Paradise by packing up and heading out. There is no hope for a relationship with Jared when Ashley I. and her tears are constantly lingering about. This has been confirmed over and over again. Jared wants to make things work with Caila and a meltdown from Ashley isn't powerful enough to stop him from leaving to give things a shot. In a chivalrous move, Jared chases after the van taking Caila away and jumps in to see if a happily ever after is possible outside of Paradise.

Wells Tries to Juggle Three Women: With Caila and Jared gone, one would think Ashley I. would be near devastation indulging in nightmares of their possible happily ever after, but she is too busy trying to act like the cool girl in front of WellsNick reminds her she can quickly become clingy and possessive and not to let it effect her blossoming relationship with the Talking Heads loving DJ. This was already tested when he went out with JamiTo make matters worse, two more bachelorettes arrive in Paradise and of course they are both beautiful Bachelor Season 20 contestants. Lauren H., a bubbly, blonde teacher and Shushanna, a sassy Russian, enter Paradise and set their sights on Brett (The Lamp Guy) and Wells for a surfing double date. This sends Izzy into a bit of a tailspin since she broke off her relationship with Vinny for Brett. Ashley and Jami bond over their love for Wells and mutual sadness for his being on a date with someone else. They have every right to be a little nervous as Wells hits it off with the newbie and becomes very confused with which woman he has the strongest feelings for. With a rose ceremony coming up where the men have the power, he better figure out where his heart lays quick. 

A Proposal in the Works: Amanda and Josh get away from the drama and go on a romantic one-on-one date in Mexico. Amanda wants to see if she is ready to get engaged to this man she is falling in love with. The fireworks and Josh's expression of his mutual feelings make Amanda feel like she is walking on air. This is the most romantic moment of her life. All signs point to Paradise ending in a proposal for the couple. Amanda is Team Josh and she doesn't care what anyone thinks.

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