Jordan Kimball's Finest Moments on Bachelor in Paradise 2018

By Mike Krolak | Sep 11th, 2018

As the Season Finale of Bachelor in Paradise 2018 is upon us, we have bad news to deliver: Jordan Kimball won't be on your TV every Monday and Tuesday night anymore. (Sad trombone.) But we don't want you to have to go cold turkey, so we've compiled some of the funniest moments from the mouthy male model so you can pull this page up every week or so, watch Jordan's magnificent wordplay and larger-than-life exploits, and remain free to live your best life.

Jordan Kimball Knows Paradise

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And while you're at it, here's Jordan arguing passionately in favor of the word "ingenuine," which is not actually a word:

We'll miss you, Jordan. Don't be a stranger, buddy. 

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