S1 E01 Series Premiere: Qualifiers

06/21/15 | TV-PG | CC

24 of the best robot builders on Earth have set out to compete in the most epic robot competition of all time: BattleBots! Our host, Molly McGrath welcomed us to Tournament Central and commentators Chris Rose and Kenny Florian laid down the ground rules for the competition. The tournament is designed to be fast and fierce--the ultimate test of these amazing machines and the incredible people who build and operate them. Soon we were headed to the BattleBox as Faruq Tauheed announced the first contest of the night!

Kicking of the tournament, Icewave led by Team Captain Marc Devidts faced Razorback led by Team Captain Zack Bieber. Razorback was aggressive early in the match, but once Icewave was able to get its 47-pound blade spinning at full speed, its attacks were too strong for Razorback to shrug off. The fight ended in a puff of smoke and a solid knockout, giving Icewave the victory.

For the night's second bout, Plan X led by Team Captain Lisa Winter faced Wrecks led by Team Captain Micah Leibowitz. In the early fight, Plan X tried to jam Wrecks' central wheel with a metal rod and, while that plan didn't work, Plan X was able to damage Wrecks' mobility and get it stuck on the BattleBox screws. Then Plan X turned its main weapon, a spinning metal arm, on its opponent, raining down thundrous blows. But late in the fight, Wrecks was able to mount some offense and do some significant damage when Plan X got stuck on some debris. In the end, the match went to judges Fon Davis, Leland Melvin and Jessica Chobot and the unanimous decision was a victor for Plan X!

Fighting next, Bite Force led by Team Captain Paul Ventimiglia took on the legendary Warhead led by Team Captain Ian Lewis. Going into the fight, Bite Force was considered a big underdog against one of the most famous fighting robots in history, but once they were in the BattleBox, it was a whole 'nother story. Bite Force dominated, driving Warhead around the arena almost at-will, even taking it from one pulverizer to the other. This may have been not only the most shocking win of the night, but also the most exciting.

In the final bout of the night, two robot fighting legends faced off as Nightmare led by Team Captain Jim Smentowski took on Warrior Clan led by Team Captain Terry Ewert. The action was fast and furious as Nightmare quickly dispatched Warrior Clan's two "nuisances bots"—those flamethrowers were pretty cool, though. But the battle took a nasty turn for Nightmare when Warrior Clan's main bot was able to get inside and flip Nightmare over. From there, it was all over, with Nightmare wildly trying to get upright and managing to get stranded on the rail of the BattleBox.

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