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Every parent thinks they know their baby well, but are they willing to bet on it? Bet On Your Baby will reveal the answer to that question each week in an hour-long program featuring  five families with toddlers between the ages of two years old and three and a half years old.

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season 1

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    S1 E1 Episode 1

    Parents guess how many toys their toddler will clean up in one minute, how many cookies a child can stack and which snacks they will choose to eat.

    42:1404/13/13Season 1TV-PG
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    S1 E2 Episode 2

    A boy tries to complete an obstacle course; a girl must name seven grocery items; a child plays a stacking game.

    42:1304/13/13Season 1TV-PG
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    S1 E3 Episode 3

    Quadruplets navigate an obstacle course while carrying cups of water; parents try to predict which toy their child will choose; a toddler must blow milk bubbles out of her cup.

    42:1204/20/13Season 1TV-PG
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    S1 E4 Episode 4

    A man tries to guess how many soccer goals his child can make; a child has 90 seconds to pick up toys; a baby tries to catch a beach ball.

    42:1204/27/13Season 1TV-PG
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    S1 E5 Episode 5

    A baby participates in a dance challenge; parents guess how many times their child will spin around; a family smashes piggy banks.

    42:1205/04/13Season 1TV-PG
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    S1 E6 Episode 6

    A child tackles the TP Takeoff; parents try to guess which toy their child will choose; a young child plays Body of Work.

    42:1205/18/13Season 1TV-PG
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    S1 E7 Episode 7

    Twins unwrap as many presents as they can in one minute; predicting how many times a child can spin in 30 seconds; a child hits a ball from a tee.

    42:1305/25/13Season 1TV-PG
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    S1 E8 Episode 8

    A child plays a game of catch; parents predict how many soccer goals their little one will score; a child must remove toilet paper from a roll in one minute.

    42:1306/01/13Season 1TV-PG