S1 E04 ...That is Not What Ships are Built For

43:08 | 10/20/13 | TV-14 | CC

As the episode begins, we see Sara nursing a fresh sunburn on her back as Jack walks in and asks her how her trip was. Meanwhile, Thatcher is on a quest to find information that could take Drew down. His investigator says he doesn't have anything on Drew yet… but he knows his wife is having an affair. And back at the Stafford house, Drew tells Sara: "I know you've been seeing someone." Yikes!

We go back 24 hours to see how this all unfolded. Jack visits an obviously happy Sara who asks, "How do we do this? What do we do?" Before things can get too steamy between the two, Alissa interrupts. Sara introduces Jack as a new client and he excuses himself. "Was that him?" Alissa quickly asks. When Sara confirms, Alissa can't help but wonder if she's called the therapist she recommended yet. "Therapists can be helpful in all sorts of ways," her friend advises. "It's cheaper than a divorce lawyer!"

Later, Jack convinces Sara to go away for an intimate night on his boat – but, unfortunately, they aren't alone. Jack spots someone taking photos of them on the pier and runs to confront him without Sara's knowledge. He works for the Karsten family! "Karsten asked me to look into Drew Stafford and that led me here," Zarek explains. "Small world." He goes on to tell Jack that he wants to be a full member of the team – or else.

Drew is once again confronted by his federal counterparts. They are not happy about his failure to make the case stick. Feeling the pressure, Drew calls Brandy (T.J.'s alibi) into his office and forces her to plant a bug in Karsten's office. And with the hold on his kingdom beginning to slip, Thatcher resorts to latent old-school tactics in order to remain in power.

Meanwhile, thanks to a little string pulling by the Karsten family, T.J. is released on bail. After he's released, T.J. goes to see Rodney, the brother of an inmate who helped him in jail, and the two bond over cars. But at the end of the episode, Rodney finds a gun in the trunk of T.J.'s car! And Jack tasks Jules with erasing some files at work, then she shocks him with the news that she's asked his daughter out on a date. "You work here and you're too old," the protective father laments. Finally, he gives in.

As the episode ends, we're caught up in time. We go back to a shocked Sara hearing her husband say, "I know you've been seeing someone." Calm down, Sara. He's talking about your therapist! He intercepted a message and knows she's talking to someone – and he fully supports it. It looks like Sara's secret is safe… but not for long. Across town, Zarek is telling Thatcher that Drew's wife is having an affair. Karsten immediately wants to know with whom, but Jack steps in and says they don't know yet. Then he voices his support of Zarek being involved more in their business. When Thatcher agrees, Zarek keeps mum about Jack's involvement. But how long can it remain a secret now?

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