S1 E06 ...The Things That Drive Men Crazy

42:56 | 11/03/13 | TV-14 | CC

After she gets out of the shower, an alarmed Sara notices the incriminating photo on her camera. She goes to Drew, but he pretends nothing is wrong. However, despite his reassurances, he's secretly convinced Sara is seeing someone. Drew steals Sara's phone and obsessively tries to find out what his wife's been up to.

Brandy is cornered and alone with Karsten. Things are going south quickly, but the feds aren't able to hear anything thanks to Thatcher's interference. Luckily for Brandy, T.J. arrives on the scene just in time and she's able to make her escape. When the feds later ask Brandy to try again, she replies: "Are you crazy?! Karsten knows." Forget the deal, Brandy is out. 

Meanwhile, Sara and Jack's relationship reaches a new level. She confronts him about taking the photo of her and reveals that she met Elaine. They both question the other's motives and admit they do love still their spouses. "So what are we doing here?" Sara wonders.

Elsewhere, Jack tells Thatcher he'll take care of the Brandy situation. "We need her," he reminds his father-in-law. "If she's working for the feds… she's a problem," Thatcher warns. When Jack arrives at Brandy's apartment to confront her, he's surprised to see her packing her things and T.J. there. T.J. observes Jack questioning Brandy and explodes, unleashing years of anger as he attacks Jack. "Ever since we were kids you've wanted to hurt me," he yells. "You let me drive that night! You didn't stop me!"

After his run-in with T.J., Jack has a breakdown and Sara finds him. He confesses to Sara something he's never told anyone. Turns out, he was the one driving the car the night T.J. almost drowned. Sara consoles him and the two have a heart-to-heart conversation where they apologize for their earlier spat and then make love. Little do they know just how close Drew, who is still on his quest for answers, really is.

Later, a defeated Drew finally confronts Sara. "Are you having an affair?" he pointblank asks her. "No!" Sara quickly lies. He shows her the photo that he indeed saw and Sara manages to explain it away. But Drew soon has even more problems on his hands. When the gun that killed Lou is found with a dead Lil'D, a felon with a rap sheet a mile long, Jack cuts a deal with the State Attorney's office to dismiss T.J.'s case. When Karsten congratulates Jack on a job well done, Jack surprises him and suddenly quits.

Things quickly go from bad to worse for Drew when Jack then goes to call Sara. Drew, who still has Sara's phone, sees the call coming in. He immediately looks across the room and notices Jack. As the episode ends, both men lock eyes! Is the truth out? 

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